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How E-Cigarettes Are The Latest Fashion Trend In The Uk

Electronic cigarettes have, within a very short while of their existence, created a whole culture around them. More people are adopting the using of e-cigarettes by the day, or vaping as it is commonly referred to. Vaping devices (vape pen or vaporizer) are battery-powered devices that produce heat that burns the e-liquid to vapor, thus inhaling it is referred to as vaping.

The few health reports released in regards to e-cigarettes place them at almost 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. The difference between the two is that e-cigs do not contain carcinogens such as vinyl chloride and arsenic. This has made people to choose e cigs instead since they are considered the healthier option.

The reasons most UK smokers choose e-cigs instead are quite a number. Let’s look at a few:

  1. E-cigarettes are believed to help tobacco smokers quit or reduce in the behavior. With a vaping device, you can adjust the level of nicotine released. Adjusting these levels until one can no longer smoke acts as an effective way to curb addiction.
  2. E-cigarettes are cost effective. Tobacco cigarettes are disposable hence costly as you have to buy a new pack after every few sticks. Vaping only requires replacing your e-juice for the reusable e-cigs.
  3. E-cigarettes are flavored. You can choose a taste of your choice, ranging from strawberry to apples, mint or chocolate. The e-juice of your choice provides for the different varieties.
  4. You can smoke in public. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that are looked down upon by most of society, vaping does not raise eyebrows as much. Friends can even let you smoke around them as it’s not so harmful and there is no secondhand smoke. If at all there’s any, the smell is not as bad as it is with tobacco cigs. It is basically an appropriate way of smoking in public.
  5. No need for a lighter thus reducing the risk of burning or starting a fire. Most smokers have at one point had a burn in part of their clothing, car seats or worse still, started a fire. Vaping requires no combustion as the e-juice is heated to produce a vapor.
  6. E-cigs have eliminated the need for ashtrays thus creating a cleaner and safer environment. There’s no disposing of cigarette butts or emptying the ash.
  7. Choosing e-cigs will help you breathe Traditional cigarettes produce a lot of smoke that fills up your lungs. E-cigs will instead let your lungs ‘breathe’. However, there are no conclusive effects of e-cigarettes as at now. Medics believe that it is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Most young people are choosing e-cigs instead of tobacco cigarettes. They are in turn looking to have many converts and spreading the vaping gospel. Easy on the pocket, safer and appropriate for most, vaping has more advantages. Health advantages over traditional smoking top the list. We, however, hope this remains so as tobacco companies will want a piece of the cake, and this will mean having more addictive flavors in the market.…

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The Ultimate Guide to Mens Workwear

Men Strike it Lucky 

Unlike the ubiquitously uncomfortable and non-utilitarian workwear women are bullied into shoehorning themselves into every morning, popular and enduring workwear for men tends to lean towards styles which are not only easy to wear, but are also practical and useful for purpose. 

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Popular Fabrics

Fabrics are generally matte, with dark denims, thick wool and waxed cotton popular choices for pieces which are not show-off or flashy but instead will weather the test of time and take on a character of their own over the years. 

According to Scott Christian of Esquire magazine, Chambray is a modern, lighter weight alternative to denim and is becoming a modern must have item. He recommends pairing with dark chinos and a pair of loafers for a timeless look.


Since menswear has a licence for comfort and function, workwear can simply go easy on the fit – just as a fisherman’s pants are actually cut extra wide to allow for turning up when entering and leaving the water, ensure that your pick of workwear is practical and fit for the task in hand. 

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Colour should be approached with care and caution. Traditionally, workwear has erred on the side of neutral tones such as brown, navy and black. However, mixing it up with a pop of colour helps break up this monotonous palette. For example, dark blue denim jeans worn with a heavy navy knitted cardigan or paired with a pale pink shirt such as the short sleeve button down from Farah shirts at will help you to look a little different without being too try-hard. 

Key Pieces Not to Miss

Cargo pants – the nineties staple which propped up every man’s wardrobe back in the day – have returned. Make sure to wear a loose fit with a visible hem, and team up with a pair of classic trainers and smart shirt. On top, jersey knit button down shirts are a newcomer which will save you from dress shirts, which can make you feel stiff and unable to move. Made from a similar material as that found in some bedsheets, jersey knit shirts feel more like a casual sweatshirt than a formal works shirt, but will still have any hard to please boss bowing down to you in the style stakes.

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What are the differences between jogger pants and track pants?

It is quite normal to get confused between jogger pants and track pants, as they both have similar looks as well as functionalities. Both of them are worn while doing physical fitness activities and are sometimes made of the same material as well. However, there are certain differences between jogger pants and track pants when material, style and purpose of wearing are taken into consideration. Some of the key points of difference are listed below and explained.

However, you can shop online for both jogger pants and track pants alike. Just check with the size chart and make sure the website has return policies on point since these clothing pieces depend a lot on fittings.

  1. Purpose of the pant


Track pants are worn widely by sportspeople and athletes, mainly those in track and fields, during practice. They are used largely by the professionals, even at international arena. In the Olympics or National Games you will see the participants walking around in track pants when they are not in the usual uniform or jersey of their respective sports. Track pants, because of their fit and ease of wearing, are also preferred by those involved in water sports like swimming, diving, rowing etc.


On the other hand, jogger pants, by default of the name, are meant primarily for jogging and casual running. You will not see a lot of footballers running around in joggers, but you will see your neighbours in the local park with striding in it with headphones in ears. It is more of a common people wear.


  1. Fit of the pant


Track pants are quite baggy, free-flowing and airy in fit. They let the legs breathe and are straight cut, whereas the joggers are slim-fit and tapering towards the ankle. As a result, the jogger pants sits on the lower part of your leg, that is the shin and the calves and hug it cozily. This fit helps a lot in running and jogging, as it keeps the leg taut and provides the warmth necessary to keep them active.


Track pants are used by the athletes for their practice, as mentioned before. But for the free and straight fit, they are also favourite home wear as well.


  1. Material of the pant


Track pants are mostly of two materials – the shiny polyester spandex one which is also called the jersey material because all the professional jersey look of the same texture; and the other one is a thick cotton blend. The cotton ones are often called sweatpants as well. This is preferred for the sports because the materials are often greatly dirt and scratch resistant, and field and track activities bring a lot of those for obvious reasons.


Meanwhile, joggers come in cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blend, spandex, wool and even in corduroy, fleece and leather in the ones designed for outdoor wear. Clearly, they are made way more fashionably with such cool materials, keeping in mind that joggers are no more …

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Which is the best bag to carry while traveling?

While planning on traveling the very first thing that comes to mind is packing and the bag needed for doing so. You can order your bags online anytime in order to pack your luggage and leave for the journey. However, the hardest part is to decide to choose which one is the best to carry while traveling. Below are the tips that will help in choosing the most suitable bag for your traveling.

There is not a certain bag that can be said as the best one for traveling, the selection of the bags totally depends on your needs and what kind of traveling you are planning.

Factors to consider prior to selecting the traveling bag

  • How much distance you need to cover in traveling, one or multiple destinations.
  • For how long you will be on the trip
  • What kind of clothes you need to carry
  • The places you will be visiting while your journey.

The bags selection according to type of traveling

  1. For business trip

The business trips are the most important ones as you need to take care some important things including your formal clothes and other essentials. The most suited bags are either the suitcase or the professional handbag that will provide you enough space to carry your laptop and clothes. In case your trips are for short tenure that the leather handbags are the ideal to carry the laptop and pair of formals with you. In case of the long tour, you need to consider the suitcases.

  1. For vacation

While going for a vacation into other state or country you should have a couple of bags as one is not enough to carry all your essentials. One should be suitcase or handbag to carry all your clothes and other stuff and the second one could be a big backpack that you can comfortably carry on your shoulder. If you take a big backpack maybe you don’t need a handbag to carry all the stuff. These backpacks are very beneficial as they are easy to carry and can be treated roughly during the vacations.

  1. Small or Mini Backpacks For Weekends

If you’re among those who just grab their backpack every weekend to explore the most places. Then you need to have a small backpack that will be enough to carry your clothes and other stuff such as toothbrush, wallet and some food you need during the journey.

  1. For Grab and Go trips

There are sometimes we don’t have enough time even to see the things we are packing as the trip tends to be long for a day or hours. The sling bags are very handy in that kind of trips you just need to put your camera, pack of chewing gums and ready to go for the fun. In addition to this, the sling bags are most comfortable bags that you can even carry for a whole day and have enough space to carry almost all your needed items.…

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The Traits That Make For A Great Hair Stylist

If there’s any field that will always stick around no matter what sort of technological advancements society experiences, it’s the world of cosmetology. No matter what happens, we’re always going to need barbers and hair stylists. If you’ve been considering attending cosmetology school but aren’t sure if this is the right career path for you, consider if you exemplify any of these traits that make for a stellar hair stylists.

Great Conversationalist

Although it’s not to say that shy people can’t become hair stylists, extroverts and people who love to make conversation are certainly better fits. When you have a client in your chair, you’re expected to make conversation. What you talk about will depend a lot on the client; some clients like to just have casual conversations about the weather, while others will treat you like a therapist and tell you each and every little thing on their mind. Whichever type of client you have, you need to be ready to make conversation with them.

An Eye For Design

Cosmetology is an art form. You’re trying to create something beautiful and are trying to achieve this by using your own two hands. Although it’s true that these artistic skills can be taught, it’s very helpful to have somewhat of an eye for design to begin with when you enter the field. If you’re trying to cultivate your eye for beauty and symmetry, try creating collages of images that really speak to you.

Upper Body Strength

No, hair stylists and barbers aren’t expected to be champion bodybuilders. However, this is a job that involves standing for hours on end while working with your hands. It can also involve using equipment that can weight as much as a light weight, such as a blowdryer. It helps to have adequate upper body strength when you break into the world of cosmetology. However, just because you’re a bit out of shape doesn’t mean that a career in cosmetology is beyond your reach. Just start doing some basic moves like pushups to build up the strength in your shoulders and arms.

If you want a career where you’re essentially guaranteed to always be able to find a job, then cosmetology school may very well just be the right choice for you. This is especially true if the above traits really describe you or describe the person that you’d like to be.…

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10 Sexy Shades of Brown Hair with Highlights to Spice Up Your Darker Locks

Brown hair seems to always get a bad rap. For years, it has been referred to as “mousy” and boring. But brown is so understated and elegant! Brown hues and shades are making a huge splash this season!

Whether you have dark brown or light brown locks,you can add a ton of life to your tresses. Who says blondes have to have all the fun? Brunette hair can take on a whole new life. Brown hair with highlights is very sexy and sophisticated. Show me who’s boss with a bold blast of color!

Whether you have straight hair or curly tresses, you can add so much personality to your hair with some pretty highlights. Short hair, long hair, thick or thin…brown hair is simply gorgeous. Add some platinum blonde highlights to lighten up your locks. Or add some bold red tones to your darker locks for a warmer look that’s perfect for winter!

Subtle balayage hues will require less maintenance. However, if you are willing to make the commitment, why not opt for bold color combinations to really liven up your look? The secret to making any hair color is to use products that are free from sulfates and are tailor made for color treated hair. As well, washing your hair only a few times a week will help extend the life your color Dry shampoos and leave in conditioner work miracle for color treated tresses! Also avoid excess heat from blow-drying, curling and straightening your hair too often as this will try out your hair and cause the color to fade quickly!

Check out the latest looks for brown hair with highlights and add some spice your life!

10 Beautiful Styles of Brown Hair with Highlights for Gorgeous Brunette

  1. Sun Kissed Highlights

Add some sun kissed tones to your caramel base! These subtle blonde highlights with the creamy caramel base combine perfectly for a stunning brow effect that will look like you have spent hours sunning on the beach!

  1. Honey Blonde and Dark Brown Balayage

Honey blonde hair is everywhere these days. But this deep chestnut brown with golden honey highlights is very charming and chic if you want a look that has a lot of contrast but isn’t too over the top.

  1. Chunky Blonde Ringlets

Not sure if you want to go full on blonde or stick with your gorgeous brown tresses? Why not try these chunky sunny blonde highlights? Chunky highlights add a ton of depth to your curly locks if you want to spice up your waves.

  1. MultiDimensional Colored Hues

Those with shorter hair will love this trifecta of color with its blend of black, blonde and orange hues. This look is a bit bold so you must have enough sass and spunk to pull it off. But we promise you won’t be disappointed by the attention you’ll get with this saucy style!

  1. Spicy Cinnamon Swirls

If you have darker hair but want to warm it up a bit, try these …

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Perfect layered hairstyles for short hair

You have got to keep up with the trending fashion to look fabulous irrespective of the length of your hair. Be it short long or medium, style your hair in the most fashionable way. But always remember to have a hairstyle that suits your pretty face. There are a wide variety of options for haircuts especially for layered short haircuts. showcases innumerable hairstyles for women with short hair. Feel free to check it out. Here are some of the haircuts that can consider while you for your next haircut.

  1. Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

If you are a fan of the most famous American actress- Marilyn Monroe and if you have a similar texture you should definitely try out this look. Short bouncy curls at the end of your short hair will make you look like a diva. With the right make up and a dress, you are set to walk in the hall of fame.

  1. Classic short haircut

A classic short haircut is a haircut spiked up a bit in the front by adding a dash of pink color on the sides. It’s a well groomed beautiful look for ladies who intend to cut their hair short. It’s a very modern yet classic look. It reveals your face addressing the features of your eyes. Inspire yourself and others around you by getting this hair style.

  1. Pixie haircut

One of the most popular haircuts for short hair is a pixie haircut. Pixie is a reminiscent of forest elves, spirits and fairies. With a good eye makeup and a pretty dress, this hair style will make you look like a princess for real.

  1. Stylish crop

Does this hairstyle remind you a lot like that of Emma Watson? Well this look is such an amazing for girls with a short hair. It is popular among celebrities nowadays. Styling your hair is also easy if you wish to get this haircut. It’s more like a boy cut with bangs in the front. Not bangs to be precise. But a lot like it.

  1. A shade of red

If you are you a naturally born red head or wish to become a red head, opt for this model of hair style. Check out how pretty, wavy and stylish it looks. Just get your hair colored and get the exact same cut and style it like you don’t care, you are good to go.

Short hair with layers is more like an everyday hairstyle. Prepare yourself to be very comfortable and confident with short hairs as it needs comparatively less time to style. A sexy short layered hair cut bring out the more fun, enthusiastic,bright and a happy side of your personality. Carry yourself in a way that makes you feel special and recognized. Stand out from the crowd. Get a haircut that is totally different from that of your friends or your close ones. Be different, stay different.


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Useful tips & advises considering before you send flowers to Japan to a new friend

The beautiful act of sending & receiving flowers during some special occasion has always been considered as a long time tradition. We often send flowers to our dear ones to make them feel blessed and lovely in all important events in their life.  That’s why we can talk about numerous incredible situations and occasions when we send flowers to make the relationship special. Especially when we make new friends working in some another country like Japan, where sending flowers usually look like an impossible act to do. But that trend has got much older now, the significant progress in internet industry has now given the best make to order to send flowers to Japan and other countries in much faster and easier manner. Here are few tips and advice to consider before making the delivery successful.

Consider cherry blossoms when you develop the intentions to send flowers to Japan

One more interesting fact to mention is that Japan is usually known to be the beautiful land of the rising sun. And it is also well known for having loads of unique and trendy flowers. The country is best known for having chrysanthemum which is efficiently associated with significant Japanese Imperial family. And also the cherry blossoms that are known to be Japan’s unofficial national flowers. And above all, the Cherry blossoms are usually the beautiful flower of the cherry tree which is called “Sakura.” And it is also present among the adored flower of the world. So if you have the intentions to send flowers to Japan with the help of professional florists, then I think ordering them chrysanthemums is the best deal to make affordably.

Convey lovely emotions when you decide to send flowers to Japan

Sending flowers to your new friends simply sends the beautiful feelings of love, sympathy, gratitude, appreciation or some other apology. This tradition of sending flowers to your family members or new friends in Japan for could be even created more unique if you send this with the element of beautiful surprise. So giving flowers have been made much easier with the help of online florists in Japan as well. These professional online florists often attend the basic needs of the individual who is looking to send these lovely blossoms to any part of the world.

Final thoughts:

I have seen that there are lots of florists in Japan and surrounding areas which provide such services within five days a week and may provide quick delivery on doorsteps. For making it more personalized, you may create some own floral arrangements and can add different lovely notes and items as well to make it look much more unique. But when you choose professional florists helps, you can just browse the web and find some reliable people to process the order quickly and efficiently. But make sure you are choosing best florists of the town so that you can convey right messages with the right items.

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Guide to Jewelry Selection

It’s fairly easy to select jewelry for gifts special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Selection becomes more complex for these special occasion gifts when the individual to be feted has particular preferences in jewelry styles. A guide to jewelry selection for the “hard to please” is to take note of their usual choices in jewelry. Generally, wearers of jewelry have eclectic tastes or a flair for the traditional.

Defining Jewelry Selection

It is important to note men and women often choose jewelry on impulse. These pieces of jewelry are eye catching and irresistible. For example, men tend to be impulsive about the latest fashions in watches. Women tend to be more impulsive over an eye catching ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant or necklace.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Selection

When it comes to engagement rings, this may be a well coordinated effort between the future bride and groom. However, surprise proposals mean the future groom needs to know the ring size and personal style preferences of the bride before making an investment in an engagement ring. Most men rely on the assistance of professional jewelry consultants to help them choose the ring the bride will be proud to wear.

Once the engagement is announced, the next step is choosing wedding rings the couple will wear throughout their marriage. Mitchum Jewelers, a leader in fine designer jewelry, is located in Nixa, Branson, Joplin and Springfield Missouri and has the distinction of 52 years in the jewelry industry. With this wealth of experience, buyers of designer jewelry rely on their experience and excellent customer service.

Designer Names to Rely On

There’s no doubt the prestige of designer names influences jewelry selection. Names like Benchmark, A. Jaffe, Tacori, Shinola Detroit, Henri Daussi, Pandora, Parade and Beny Sofer are part of the Mitchum Jewelers collection.

Engagement, wedding and all occasion rings are available in a choice of settings like emerald, pear shape, princess, round, oval and radiant to name a few. Lovers of vintage and modern jewelry find the perfect jewelry for gifts or personal wear. Men love the designer look of Shinola watches that coordinate so well with formal or casual wardrobes.

Women choose the elegant Canfield, Cass or Birdy watches to make a style statement for their ensembles. However, it’s hard to resist the temptation to choose several pairs of earrings like beautiful diamond studs, gold hoops or artfully designed chandelier earrings so popular today.

No jewelry wardrobe is complete without bracelets. Choose bangles or bracelets set with stunning turquoise and silver filigree with jet gemstones from Tacori.

Necklaces and pendants are always a great choice for graduations and other special occasions. Shop online at today for the perfect designer jewelry.…

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Revered Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Launches New Faith-Based USA TV Network

If you are an American and the name Pastor Chris Oyakhilome does not ring a bell, it will soon. Oyakhilome, a pastor of Nigerian origin has just launched his new venture, a US television network, Loveworld USA. However, prior to launching this network, Chris Oyakhilome has made waves in many different countries including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the UK with his ministry, Christ Embassy. Along with the other members of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome performed a variety of good works including feeding the poor, healing those with serious illnesses through his famous Healing Schools (which, during one event, gathered a crowd of an impressive 2.5 million people) and helping impoverished and orphaned children. Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry has also spread into a variety of other industries like books by establishing Love World Books, a faith-based book publishing company.

With this said, Loveworld USA is not Oyakhilome’s first attempt at creating a Loveworld television channel. In the early 2000s, Christ Embassy created Loveworld TV, Loveworld SAT and Loveworld Plus, which were the first 24/7 Christian television channels on the continent of Africa. Now, Chris Oyakhilome and his fellow pastor, Benny Hinn, are ready to bring their unique devotional content to the United States. Loveworld’s expansion into the United States will only increase the number of individuals who have heard the word of God and the Bible in Oyakhilome and Hinn’s unique way.

Prospective viewers can find the channel’s programming on channel 277 on Dish Network as well as Astra, Hotbird and Loveworld’s iOS and Android applications. Viewers without these services and devices can also view the channel through Loveworld’s live stream which is available on their website. Once tuned in, viewers will be enlightened as well as entertained thanks to their diverse and extraordinary programming that includes programs such as “Rhapsody of Realities,” “Pastor Chris Live,” “Pastor Chris Teaching” and “Atmosphere for Miracles.” During certain time-slots, the viewer can also witness one of Chris Oyakhilome’s world famous and renowned Healing Schools during the program “Enter the Healing School.”

With the launch of Loveworld USA, Americans now have access to all of the wisdom and entertainment value associated with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his network’s programming. The network will no doubt bring its viewers and America as a whole closer to the true word of God and his teachings. As seen before, in Africa and the UK, Chris Oyakhilome and his ministry are leaders in bringing the truth to others and will no doubt perform brilliantly in the USA.…

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