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Anyone who has shopped at a retailer with few physical storefronts knows it can be hard to figure out where to begin. There are lots of options that all seem as worthy as the next, but the reality is that products from any given brand are not all created equal. When you shop as regularly as we do, you learn that many brands just do some things better than they do other things. Skims, the brand founded by Kim Kardashian known for its drops that sell out in minutes, is no exception. Its expansive inventory needs to be carefully picked through to find gems like breezy mesh bras, maternity tights, and bathrobes. Here, we’ve compiled all of the products from Skims that our writers and editors — plus the fitness gurus and other cool people they’ve interviewed — have recommended on the Strategist.

Skims Sculpting Bralette

Freelancer and Strategist contributor Brodie Lancaster has been working from home for a while now and turned us to some of her favorite WFH bras. Skims has “become a really impressive go-to for comfy underwear and loungewear,” she says, pointing us to the brand’s “supersoft and stretchy” sculpting bra. “After wearing one of their bras, you understand why the brand’s drops sell out so quickly.”

Skims Summer Mesh Scoop Bralette

“Unexpectedly, Kim K. kick-started a newfound love for mesh lingerie,” Strategist writer Chloe Anello writes. Even in sweltering weather, Anello found this mesh scoop bralette “breezier than anything I’d ever worn before — it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all.” As far as the fit, she says it’s supportive “without cutting into my underarms or rib cage” thanks to its “flexible” fabric. What’s better is that the bra washed “beautifully and never stretched out after months of constant wear, unlike many of my traditional bras.”

Skims Fits Everybody Scoop-Neck Bra

Strategist contributor Rio Viera-Newton “simply couldn’t resist” buying the brand’s scoop-neck bra because “so many of my friends — many of whom are bra snobs — vouched for its high level of support and extreme comfort.” She describes it as a “superspecial, dreamy bra” since it’s “totally wireless, incredibly supportive, and great for loafing around the house.”

Skims Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

When we spoke to Claudia Soare, president of the makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, about the things she can’t live without, the Skims Cotton Jersey T-shirt was at the top of her list. A fan of Skims’ basics, Soare especially likes the shirt’s quality and fit. “It stays perfectly stretchy and doesn’t get loose around your waist after wearing it for a while. It stays tight, and they don’t shrink either … This is just the perfect cut. I look really cute in it, and it can be dressed up or dressed down,” she says.

Skims Sculpting Mid Thigh Shorts

Skims is known for its sculpting shapewear, but we also found out that some of the brand’s products protect against thigh chafing. These skintight, mid-thigh shorts were recommended by stylist Kelly Augustine because they “help to create a contour by smoothing the upper leg and lifting the butt.” While they’re more compressive than other shapewear brands, Augustine says “they’re light enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s sticking to you.” She also likes that they’re size-inclusive, going up to a 4X/5X, which for Skims translates to a 22–26.

Skims Maternity Solutionwear Tight

Curious about Skims’ maternity wear, Strategist writer Lauren Ro bought the brand’s tights ahead of her cousin’s wedding to wear under her long wrap dress. Despite struggling a bit to pull them up over her legs and bump, they “really held me in and were quite comfortable, sculpting (they have light shaping stitching on the ass for some lift), and smoothing,” she says. “I felt like my belly was supported all day and night, and thanks to their silicone waistband, they never slipped down.”

Skims Cotton Rib Leggings

Fitness guru Tracy Anderson, who’s a fan of the brand’s loungewear and bodysuits, is “obsessed with this pair” of leggings. “I wear them with a cashmere sweater — that’s my uniform,” she told us when we talked to her about the things she can’t live without.

Skims Cozy Knit Pants

When we surveyed 18 cool women about their favorite PJs, this pair of knit pants was recommended by Michelle Li, fashion and beauty editor for Teen Vogue and freelance stylist. Before buying the pair, she didn’t wear long pants to bed because, as she explains, “my legs get too hot, and they end up crumpled at the end of my bed.” But these plush Skims pants changed her mind. “On cold winter nights, I’ll slip these on for some extra-toasty-ness,” she says, adding that they have “a really fun and cute texture for lounging around the apartment.”

Skims Sculpting Bodysuit With Snaps

As we mentioned above, Skims is known for its sculpting shapewear, so it wasn’t a surprise when the brand’s bodysuit was dubbed one of the best in its category. It was recommended by a good amount of stylists as a “solid, budget-friendly option.” Anello reports that in her own experience it feels like “wearing a skin-colored leotard, not some torturous contraption, and I didn’t feel silly in it, which is why I decided it also deserves a ‘best overall’ title.” And as for the fit, it “contours and sculpts your shape yet remains comfortable,” Anello adds.

Skims Build Your Cozy Set

Trend forecasters we spoke to have been following coordinated-top-and-bottom sets for several seasons now. And when we spoke to the Fashion Snoops team at the end of 2021, they told us consumers are still looking for comfort-oriented styles, like this Skims Cozy Set, which is one of the team’s favorites. “The bouclé yarn gives it a textured wintry look that sets it apart from popular rib-knit styles,” the firm’s vice-president of womenswear, Melissa Moylan, says.

Skims Cozy Knit Robe

Full of “teddy-bear-like energy” because of its bouclé, this bathrobe is a favorite of Grace Lee, founder of bridesmaid-dress brand Birdy Grey. It even comes in a camel color, but Lee owns it in bone. She wears it all day, every day around the house, calling it a “wearable throw blanket.” After seeing it on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Stories last year, it has become her ultimate pandemic purchase.

Skims Seamless Face Mask

When the brand debuted its line of face masks, it sold out almost instantly. And the second batch did, too. When we talked to cool teens and college students about their go-to face masks, it was recommended by a couple people lucky enough to snag theirs. “The Skims masks are so versatile because, depending on the shade, they can blend perfectly into your face and almost disappear,” Celia Kelty, 18, says. “And it’s only $8!”

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