To wear or not to wear? Coronavirus and face masks across the globe

Every country seems to have different advice on whether or not to wear a face mask to help prevent COVID-19. Here’s a round-up so you can decide for yourself.

With President Trump recently announcing that his administration is now advising Americans to wear face masks in public, while simultaneously saying he had no intention of doing so himself, confusion has only increased as to whether wearing masks is a good idea. Joining the US in advising mask-wearing are Canada, India, Japan and China. Simultaneously, the Australian government is still advising the public that face masks are unnecessary. Below is a round-up of the advice in several countries. This page will be continuously updated as more countries issue advice. For more details on the spread of COVID-19, see our coronavirus statistics page.



The argument for wearing a mask

Coronavirus spreads through contact, and it can live on surfaces for several

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