Five Common Flu Shot Misconceptions, Debunked

Time to roll up your sleeves: fall has arrived, bringing with it the formal onset of the 2020-2021 flu period. What were being earlier deemed traditional indications of the typical cold or flu—a sore throat, fever, sniffles—can now be signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Even though the virus carries on its indiscriminate distribute, it is extra significant than at any time to be wary of the flu. An pro at Hennepin Health care busts the most typical flu shot myths that just won’t die, and points out why having the shot this calendar year is your immune system’s finest first line of defense.

one.   “COVID-19 is a larger deal”

Even though that retains some fact, it does not make the flu any a lot less consequential. According to Hennepin Health care Medical Supervisor Nan Lomen, RN, there have been twelve,000-sixty one,000 fatalities annually given that 2010.

“You could possibly be

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