So When *This* Is All Over…

Rebecca Rowland, Running Editor: It is all about household. While I am affected person and can hold out for loads of items, household is my exception. It will be so superb to have all of my household together yet again, in one particular spot, laughing, getting enjoyable, sharing reminiscences, smiling for photos, hugging….

Stephanie March, Senior Food stuff & Eating Editor: I’m going to roll into my favourite consuming establishment, and pull up a stool to the wooden bar rail. I will get what ever it is that the bartender feels like building, Dealer’s Selection. And I will sit with said consume when the discussions all around me bubble and the laughter peels the ceiling tiles, and the widows will fog right up until the door creaks open and one particular of my Women League co-conspirators arrives to fill the seat up coming to me.

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Senior Author:

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