Italian information technology firm DMR launches Trend Lab project

DMR group has introduced the Craze Lab job as a all-natural evolution of the asset of facts and stories that are processed each day by means of internet, social, and print channels for about 400 clients incorporated in the company’s portfolio. DMR is the leading media monitoring and evaluation organization for the luxurious marketplaces with about 400 customers globally, headquartered in Italy.

DMR Craze Lab is a hub of strategies and in-depth evaluation that follows the company’s goal to share its know-how with a broader viewers, in purchase to foster an inclusive exchange and dialogue on the present and foreseeable future of the industry, the organization reported in media statement.

The prolonged facts volume and the specific precision of the metrics manufactured by DMR, put together with endless choices of analysis of certain troubles and tendencies, now also act as a house for ongoing relationship and conversation. Craze Lab’s activity

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