8 Reasons Why Handmade Bath Soaps Are Better Than Commercial Ones.

Handmade bath soaps are made with love. A soap maker crafted the soaps like a masterpiece with much passion and skill; carefully creating a concoction of high-quality natural ingredients to create an amazing, handcrafted soap.

  1. Real Soap

  2. Quality Ingredients

  3. Glycerin

  4. pH level

  5. Traditional process

  6. Healthier Skin

  7. No detergent

  8. Animal cruelty-free

Not all handcrafted soaps are the same. There are a thousand varieties for you to choose from citrus, floral, natural fragrances, recipes that are created to the delight of your senses and imagination.

1) Real Soap – Handmade soaps are real soaps. Why? Because it does not contain harsh ingredients found in OTC soaps. For a cleanser to be considered real soap, it must be formulated from natural ingredients like oils, butter, and pure essential oils. Non-handmade soaps are found in beauty aisles because they are beauty or cleansing bars and are not considered soap.

2) Quality Ingredients – Natural soap contains natural and high-quality ingredients such as oils, pure essential oils, butter, and none of the toxic chemicals like parabens, Laureth sulfate, and all those words that you can’t even pronounce.

3) Glycerin – A derivative of creating a soap is glycerin is a type of moisturizing agent which is a water-soluble humectant that retains moisture that may help in preventing breakouts, wrinkles, and improve the overall condition of the skin.

4) pH level – Oils in handcrafted soap nourish and moisturize to support the skin’s natural pH level. A soap that has around 9-10 pH levels is naturally alkaline that helps to gently and effectively cleanse the skin.

5) Traditional process – This is a traditional method used in soap making where the butter and oils are gently heated to melt them and begin the saponification process.

6) Healthier Skin – The cold process soap method retains all the beneficial ingredients together which help prevent dry, flaky, and itchy skin while actively cleansing and nourishing the skin.

7) No detergent – – detergent is a substance that is typically used in laundry soaps. So why would you want to cleanse your body with a detergent?

8) Animal cruelty-free – Unlike OTC soaps, handcrafted soaps are animal cruelty-free. It is usually tested in humans and not animals to know the efficacy of the product.

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