A Brief History of the Irish in Minnesota


The system of an Irish-born sergeant, John Hays, washes up in the Mississippi—St. Paul’s very first recorded murder. Henry Sibley, then justice of the peace, arrests yet another Irishman, Edward Phelan, a violent Fort Snelling army buddy. But he dodges conviction.


After emigrating with his mothers and fathers from Kilkenny in 1852, John Ireland turns into ordained in St. Paul and serves as chaplain in the Civil War with the Fifth Minnesota, a primarily Irish regiment.


James J. Hill marries Mary Theresa Mehegan, a devout Irish Catholic who went to faculty with John Ireland’s sisters. The Protestant railroad baron demonstrates a choice for selecting Irish contractors even though setting up his Great Northern line.


Bishop Ireland settles countless numbers of Irish on land together the Great Northern. But when a colony of 24 Gaelic-speaking people at Graceville operates into the wintergeddon of ’80-81, they are forced to migrate to the “Connemara Patch,” a slum on St. Paul’s east aspect.


Oscar Wilde, wearing purple silk velvet and just one white kid glove, seems in the Metropolitan areas for two lectures on artwork. The press mock his dandyism, with the Tribune’s review entitled “An ‘Ass-Thete.’”


Ignatius Donnelly, a populist pol with a kiss of the blarney, follows up his e-book on Atlantis with a treatise suggesting Bacon was the true Shakespeare.


“The Massive Fellow” John O’Connor turns into St. Paul’s main of police and institutes “the O’Connor Layover Arrangement.” Gangsters (Ma Barker, John Dillinger) get short term amnesty in exchange for saying their arrival—and spending a hefty bribe.


Archbishop Ireland celebrates the very first mass at his almost concluded copper-domed cathedral on top rated of St. Anthony Hill, in St. Paul. However, in a predicament in shape for HGTV, the development drags on (and on) till 1940.


8 decades after O’Connor’s loss of life helps stop the corrupt police layover program, his longtime fixer, notorious Eco-friendly Lantern owner “Dapper” Dan Hogan, expires of normal will cause. No, wait around: It was a car or truck bomb.


William Mahoney wins the mayorship of St. Paul, inaugurating a forty-year Irish dynasty. Nine of the subsequent ten mayors will be Irish, with names like Fallon, McDonough, Delaney, Byrne, and McCarty.


Back in Galway, previous Connemara Patch refugee Éamon a Búrc provides an oral history to the Irish Folklore Fee. However Búrc’s system has been wrecked by his labor on the Northern line, his memory is astounding. Búrc’s accounts of verse and legends fill far more than 2,000 webpages.


Eugene McCarthy turns into the very first Catholic elected to the U.S. Senate. His determination to Catholic social justice and his principled opposition to the Vietnam War will profoundly effects the ’68 presidential election.


Jim Beattie, a 6’9″ Irish boxer from St. Paul, receives in the ring with James Earl Jones in The Great White Hope. The movie—about the media’s determined search for a white contender—is a small on the (damaged) nose.


3 a long time after his loss of life, F. Scott Fitzgerald eventually arrives to rest in the loved ones plot in Rockville, MD. The exhumed remains of Fitz and wife Zelda transfer from the Protestant Rockville Union Cemetery, to be reinterred at the Catholic St. Mary’s.


When the question boy creative director of Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, Joe Dowling replaces Garland Wright as Advert of the Guthrie. Dowling sticks about for two a long time and qualified prospects the theater to a gleaming new spaceship/IKEA outlet on the West Financial institution.


Gov. Jesse Ventura goes off script all through his look on the Late Display with David Letterman. “Whoever made the streets will have to have been drunk,” the Body claims of St. Paul. “I imagine it was those Irish guys—you know what they like to do.”


Empire-making restaurateur Kieran Folliard calculates how a lot Jameson he’s pouring and concludes he ought to just provide his individual whiskey. He names the things 2 Gingers, but then, to comply with dated liquor regulations, will have to provide off his pubs.


After setting up at the TC Reader, struggling with coke, sobering up, and   starring at The New York Instances, David Carr is buried at St. Ignatius Loyola, in NY. But his old Reader editor Brian Lambert and company toss a good Irish wake again dwelling at Liquor Lyle’s.