All about the upcoming auction of Fura’s enormous and exceptional emeralds!

For all you gem lovers out there: Fura Gems is auctioning magnificent emeralds from Coscuez, Colombia. A one of a kind possibility for gemstone customers to buy iconic and beautiful emeralds, masterpieces by the mother nature of Coscuez.

Two quite rare and gorgeous emerald roughs weigh a whopping 81,2 carats and 83,8 carats each. Also up for auction are an extraordinary array of top rated-quality emerald roughs of far more than 20 carats each individual.



Now, this is big! 

FURA Gems guarantees finish traceability and transparency of its entire auction great deal of emerald roughs with the Gübelin Gem Lab’s Provenance Evidence blockchain technique, a first-at any time for Colombian emeralds.  

For these leading-quality purely natural masterpieces, Gübelin’s Emerald Paternity Exam certifies the mine of origin.



  • Additional than 210,000 carats of emerald roughs in significant, medium, and industrial attributes will be exhibited.
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  • These emerald roughs are, without the need of exception, ethically and sustainably mined. FURA Gems supports nearby communities and the atmosphere all-around all of their mines.
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  • In excess of 50 consumers from Colombia, India, New York, Israel, and Bangkok will participate in this interesting Colombian emerald auction.
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In 2021, FURA Gems presently set data at its inaugural Colombian emerald auction and exhibited the most significant amount of tough emeralds. The approaching Fura tough Colombian emerald auction will be held in UAE from 3–10 April 2022. FURA Gems assures prospective buyers of a by no means-seen-prior to, exceptional collection of outstanding, untreated organic rough emeralds of intensive colour and immaculate clarity. 

FURA will also introduce the very first of its type grading process for tough Colombian emeralds during the auction. This exciting grading system will empower the customers to have layouts, calibrated parcels, and even one parts with comparable colour and clarity. All these gems originate from the Coscuez mine, just one of the world’s most important emerald mines and commonly observed for its substantial-dimensions emeralds. 

Maybe the gem lovers between us remember, but it was at Coscuez in which the Guinness Emerald Crystal of 1,759 carats, a person of the premier gem-high quality crystals in the environment, was found out.

FURA’s Coscuez emerald mine is the only company of rough Colombian emeralds in an structured system. 

In October 2020, FURA been given a even further 30 several years extension for its mining license in Coscuez. And in December 2021, they been given the environmental approvals to enhance the mining operations from mid to significant scale. All indicators level to the ongoing and sturdy creation of emeralds. 


“Because the acquisition of the mine in 2019, Fura produced significant development with the improvement of the Coscuez Emerald Mine. With the environment license approved and the mining title prolonged by 30 several years, we have already commenced the construction of the large-scale underground mine. We believe that by 2023, Fura will grow to be the greatest provider of the Rough Colombian emerald globally and thus provide a consistent trade offer of the rough Colombian emerald.

The range of greatest quality to be exhibited in the forthcoming auction, which includes the 81.2 carats and 83.8 carats, confirms our belief that Coscuez makes the finest emerald in the globe. We are also very pleased to insert the Gübelin Gem Lab’s Emerald Paternity Check and Provenance Evidence blockchain method to provide complete transparency and traceability of the emeralds from the Coscuez mine.”

Fura is grateful for all the assist prolonged by the community of Coscuez, which has been instrumental in driving the mining challenge, and the Government of Colombia for making an ecosystem conducive to mining. I would also like to thank the Fura workforce at Coscuez for their relentless really hard work and timeless dedication to building Fura a actually worldwide mining business.

— Dev Shetty, Founder, and CEO, FURA Gems 

Sustainability is 1 of the significant values of the modern jewellery offer chain. As perfectly as transparency, and we are confident that jewelry corporations and jewelry brands will embrace this improvement, last but not least having stable proof of provenance of the optimum normal. 

These prime-good quality FURA emeralds will bear the Emerald Paternity Check of the Gübelin Gem Lab, the world’s major color gemstone laboratory.  

Gübelin’s specialised engineering rests on DNA-centered nanoparticles applied specifically, at the mine, on to tough crystals. These nanoparticles can be retrieved and decoded at any phase alongside the offer chain to detect the supply of just about every emerald.

Gübelin states:

“We welcome Fura Gems to the steadily expanding Provenance Proof neighborhood. It is exhilarating for us to present Fura with the cutting-edge technologies demanded for the initial entirely and really provable traceable emeralds from Colombia. The tough gemstones are bodily marked with our patented Emerald Paternity Exam nano labels and digitally trackable on the Provenance Evidence Blockchain. This presents buyers and makes the self esteem they request by bringing confirmable transparency to their solutions,” states Klemens Hyperlink, Director of Provenance Proof. 


These uncommon Colombian emerald masterpieces uncovered in FURA Gems’ Coscuez mines are distinguished by remarkable coloration and dimension. (81,2 carats and 83,8 carats)

Extremely desirable since of the intense environmentally friendly hue and the matchless translucence that breathes life and brilliance into the heart of these gems.

Renowned Colombian emeralds have appeared with leading billing in the most crucial auctions in the previous. Admired for their shade and clarity, Colombian emeralds have continuously achieved the optimum non-public revenue and auctions charges.

The famed Rockefeller Emerald, for occasion, marketed for $305,500 for each carat in 2018 — the optimum cost for every carat at any time attained for an emerald by Christie’s. Colombian emeralds of this high-quality are indeed in a course of their very own.


For much more facts about Fura Gems Inc. DMCC, 

Fura Gems is a younger gemstone mining enterprise set up in 2017. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, FURA has additional than 1,200 employees throughout continents. It is the 1st truly revolutionary, sophisticated, creative, and ethical company to cover the total spectrum of valuable color gemstones. In Colombia, Mozambique, and Australia, its three mining subsidiaries make emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Fura Gems is the swiftest-rising shade gemstone mining business with the sole aim of guaranteeing security and traceability of ethically mined colour gemstones from rough to retail.




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