October 25, 2021


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All You Have To Keep In Mind Before Creating The Perfect Hair Care Regimen

22 Things to Know to Create the Best Care Routine for Your Hair Type

Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin and having a healthy diet. Your hair also needs nourishment and care. 

Certain factors can damage your hair, such as water quality, weather, etc. Thus, juuksehooldus is important to prevent further damage. 

There are innumerable hair care routines. You can find out the best one suited for you if you do proper research. This article helps you understand all the things that you need to know for creating a hair care regimen and get good volume and quality in return. 

Hair type

The type of your hair plays a huge role in the kind of care routine you are going to adopt. There can be different types of hair, like straight, wavy, or curly. It would be easy to brush off tangles from straight hair, while curly hair would take up more time. 

You may have noticed that people with curly hair seem to require more oil as compared to straight hair. The only reason being: the oil spreads faster from the root to the tips if the hair is straight, while it takes more time in curls. 

Application of any chemicals

The hair care routine differs from the normal if your hair has been dyed or bleached. Bleaching causes serious damage to your hair, hence, special care needs to be taken to bring back the health of your hair. 

In the case of coloring, the hair cannot be washed every day because it would make the dye fade at a faster rate and also make the hair extremely dry. 

In case of bleaching, special products need to be used so that the damage can be minimized. These products nourish and hydrate your hair, making it healthy. 

Daily style

While some people choose to go about their day with their natural hair, others style it every day for a different look. This looks quite appealing from the outside but causes serious damage on the inside. 

Straightening or curling your hair requires the use of tools that use heat to give the desired shape to the hair. The heat makes your hair extremely dry and may cause burns too. Such practices call for an even more extensive hair care routine. 

Hair problems

Hair fall is the most common problem that more than half of the population suffers from. Similarly, you may have other problems like dandruff, dry scalp, or unmanageable frizziness. 

Every problem has specific care and treatment for it. Thus, you must, first, recognize your problem, if any. This would automatically help you choose the appropriate solution to solve your problem. 


It would be illogical to expect great results in a day. Haircare routines take a while to get used to and the process of healing is a gradual process that does not happen overnight. 

You need to be extremely regular and consistent with your routine for the best results. Damaged hair may take more than a month to return to its original quality. 

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