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If you have dreams and a knack for style, opting for your career as a textile designer could be an ideal way to blend in art aptitude, sewing skills and savvy business approach.  A career in textile designing could be competitive, exhilarating and fast-growing technology. The career growth available might vary significantly and may intersect with some other industries. Some professionals in the industry might focus on design creation and styling of cloth materials while other designers would work within the commercial work of the business in sales or merchandising roles.

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Have a look at some of the benefits you could find if you opt for textile designing courses.

  • Creative skills get enhanced

You might not be a creative person but a career in textile designing could help you build up your creative talents. You might get surrounded by different people who may enjoy expressing themselves in artistic and creative ways. The textile industry is colourful and beautiful as it is centred on different designs of clothing and various styles. 

  • It is glamorous

Glamour is another highlight that could make the textile industry worth it. You will not have an idea of when you would face models, actors or celebrities. However, meeting them, and attending fashion shows and high-class events could be a small part of this type of career path. The career may be exciting and shiny as you see in magazines and journals. 

  • The clothes

This industry is ideal for a person who would admire fancy and new clothing. If you are interested in how it is made and designed, then it can be the right career choice for you. However, this won’t come right away and might take some time. The textile industry has safe starting salaries. You will have stylish people around with beautiful clothing and design experts in the field around you. 

  • Filled with hard-working people

Surviving the beautiful industries is not easy with always trending styles and a highly competitive market. It could be ideal for hard-working people who love challenges and are very enthusiastic when it comes to gaining knowledge and have the right attitude.

  • It is multifaceted

When you are speaking about the textile industry, it does not deal only with clothes and fabrics. The industry is moving away from native job roles to hiring people with various skillsets where the companies and fashion houses are always on the lookout for people who know about handling other tasks other than just fabrics. The jobs are more energetic and multi-layered than they used to be which makes the designations more interesting.

  • Freebies

There are a lot of freebies that are involved within the industry. You would always be attending fancy and posh events without any expense. You would get trendy bags and a lot of freebies as welcome. Every brand would wish you to do their promotion and remember them. This could be ideally had to forget that the brand would give you cosmetics for free. 

  • It’s fast-paced

The textile industry grows fast and keeps swapping and evolving just like other fashion trends. Millions of designers every year highlight and showcase their latest designed collections and set the trend for the entire year. Textile designing industry professionals frequently keep working on what is new in their industry.

  • Helps gain vital skills

You could gain practical and design thinking skills when you are studying textile design. You will also learn various vital transferable skills like project management, teamwork, communication, marketing and commercial awareness. Students would also get placed in the industry, face competition and might get external opportunities to further build their portfolio, CV and experience. 

  • Helps understand the world

Throughout the design process, textile designers would consider different things like industry trends, material, surface, colour, pattern, construction and finish. Drawing is an important part of textile design. Practising it well will help you understand the world around you, articulate your thoughts and plan the designs. You would be skilled in drawing, weaving, knitting and printing. Becoming an expert in the field would help the person to find different ideas, have a unique style and become popular.