Rent arrear ruling a retail ‘caution’

The Superior Courtroom gave judgment last week on the initial case the place a “Covid defence” has been lifted for non-payment of lease. Westfield London’s homeowners won a ruling that The Fragrance Store ought to fork out in excess of £160,000 in unpaid lease and provider fees accrued for the duration of the pandemic.

TFS took a five-year lease of premises at Westfield London in July 2019 at an original yearly lease of £200,000, but in a “side letter” agreed to an aggregate of a £180,000 for every year foundation lease as well as turnover lease.

On the other hand, thanks to Covid-19 lockdowns, the business remained closed to the general public from 26 March 2020 till 15 June 2020, between five November 2020 and two December 2020 and from 19 December 2020 till 12 April 2021. TFS has not paid any lease considering the fact that April 2020 and

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