CNN Reporter Sara Sidner Talks Covering Minneapolis

On May 31, 2020—her forty eighth birthday—CNN reporter Sara Sidner was in Minneapolis on assignment. She was reporting live for Don Lemon’s primary time display from George Floyd Square when Chief Medaria Arradondo unexpectedly arrived on-web site to pay his respects to Mr. Floyd. 

“Sidner, we want to do this live,” her producer instructed.

The amazing face was built even extra so due to the fact of the simple fact that Floyd’s more youthful brother, Philonise, and legal professional Benjamin Crump were friends on Lemon’s display at that pretty moment. Lemon advised her that Philonise had a dilemma for the chief. 

“I’m like, If I make a blunder, if I misstate what they question, I will never ever forgive myself,” she recalls thinking. “To this working day, thinking about it offers me that exact feeling of the hair standing up at the back of my neck.” 

So, on George

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