May 20, 2022


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Does Subway Still Make Pizza in 2022? Answer Might Surprise You

Do you consider yourself a pizza junkie and would a great deal instead have a particular pizza at Subway than just one of their over-priced footlong sandwiches? Effectively, I acquired some news for you if you’re wanting to know if Subway nevertheless sells pizza at most areas. I have fond recollections of my daughter purchasing a mini personalized pizza at Subway when she was a minor fart and it begs the problem if they however give it. Here’s every little thing you want to know about this amazingly vital topic…wink, wink.

So…Does Subway Nonetheless Have Pizza?

Does Subway Still Sell Pizza?

Yes…but not at all locations.

As a make a difference of reality, you are going to be tricky up these days to locate a Subway locale that still sells pizza.

How Do I Determine Out If My Subway Sells Pizza?

Give them a contact or check out the Subway on the internet keep locator and see if they post their menu.

The best way is to begin an on the net Delivery and that way you can verify the menu of your nearby Subway and see if they nevertheless make pizza.

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How Large Is the Pizza?

It is your normal “personal style” pizza.

When my daughter would order a pizza from Subway it came in at around 6″ – 7″ in diameter.

It is a respectable sizing and certainly will fill-up most little ones.

What Does It Value?

All around $6-$7.

The price tag of the Subway pizza may differ by area.

The very last time I purchased it, in all probability 10 many years ago, it price tag $4.99 but I’m absolutely sure it’s gone up in selling price drastically given that then.

What Toppings Can I Have?

You can have your pizza topped with any topping that you can put on a Subway sandwich.

The pizza begins with just cheese, then you can major it with pepperoni, salami, ham, peppers, olives, and onions to name a few toppings.

The only popular pizza topping that you will not uncover at Subway include sausage, pineapple, and anchovies.

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Do They Make the Crust Clean In-Keep?


Their pizza crust comes already designed (and frozen) with just cheese on it.

The Subway “sandwich artist” will defrost it, then add some refreshing cheese along with no matter what toppings you want.

They’ll then toss it in the toaster above for a couple minutes and pull it out when the cheese is melted.

If you like a minimal bit of crunch in your pizza you may perhaps not like the Subway pizza as it’s reasonably thick crust and very smooth.

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Is There a Sandwich That Tastes Like Pizza?

Certainly, but you won’t come across it on the “regular” menu.

As a substitute you’ll obtain the sandwich tucked absent on the Subway “secret” menu.

Simply just purchase the Pizza Sub and if the personnel presents you a blank stare you are going to have to have to get it by ingredient.

  • Select your bread.
  • Subsequent, inquire for red tomato sauce (which they use for their meatballs).
  • Incorporate pepperoni.
  • Insert cheese of your choice.
  • Ask for it toasted.
  • Last of all, have them sprinkle on some parmesan cheese.

I have requested it a few times more than the decades and it’s a yummy (and gooey) sub for pizza lovers.

Any Other “Non-Sandwich” Merchandise at Subway?

Yes, there are a several other “non-sandwich” choices and they involve the following…

Salad – They have dozens of common salad possibilities that include the Steak & Cheese, Tuna, Veggie Delite, Mozza Meat, and BLT to name a few.

Soup – Some Subway spots serve incredibly hot soup like Minestrone, Veggie, and even Clam Chowder.

Wraps – Common wraps consist of Roast Beef, Spicy Italian, and Rotisserie-Design and style Hen.

In actuality you can very a great deal get any sandwich in the sort of wrap.

You have 2 decisions for your wrap “bread” and they contain tomato basil and spinach.

Request the Reader: When was the final time you saw a pizza remaining designed at your local Subway? If you’ve observed it take place, allow me know where by you dwell in the comments, many thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.