Easy Remedies For Fuller Eyebrows & Longer Eyelashes

Our eyelashes and brows serve more purposes than just beautifying our looks; they also aid in emotional expression and protect the eyes. The first line of defense for our eyes is our brows and eyelashes.

Your eyebrows and eyelashes have a purpose beyond just beautifying your face. They are essential to shield the eyes from dust, sweat, and insects. In other words, you should take good care of them. Growing lashes and eyebrows requires effort, and it does not happen overnight. You need to consistently stick to remedies and have the patience to have beautiful and healthy eyebrows & lashes.

How Do Eyelashes Protect Our Eyes?

The focus on eyelashes is often for their aesthetic beauty. Indeed, mascara, eye makeup, and false eyelash sales have significantly increased during the Covid era. However, while they add beauty to the eyes, eyelashes also serve a critical function in eye safety.

Have you ever gotten a piece of lint or a grain of sand seen in your eyelashes? That’s the preventive nature of eyelashes in action. Eyelashes are your eyes’ first line of defense, keeping airborne dirt, dust, lint, and other debris from reaching the delicate eye tissues.

With eyes open, eyelashes catch some airborne debris, but when closed, eyelashes form a nearly impenetrable barrier against foreign irritants in the eye. If you want more extended and more beautiful eyelashes, you should try the best eyelash growth serum by MD.

How Do Eyebrows Protect Your Eyes?

Sweat, rain, or shower water are all successfully diverted away from the eyes by the brows. This function is influenced by both the shape of your eyebrows and each brow hair.

Tips to Grow Eyebrows Faster

Everyone wants to have thick eyebrows in less time. Following these tips might help you grow your eyebrows faster:-

Gentle Massage Brows With Oil

While the nutrients in the Oil nourish your hair follicles, massaging in circular motions promotes blood circulation and aids hair development. Make it a habit to thoroughly massage your brows with a few drops of Oil each night before bed. 

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

It is well known that fresh aloe vera gel has therapeutic properties. Of course, it also aids in achieving fuller brows.


Milk is the simplest method for obtaining thick eyebrows because it is high in proteins that promote hair growth. Soak a cotton ball in a small amount of milk and place it in a dish. Effectively apply that cotton ball to your brows, then leave it there.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly will assist in conditioning and preserving the moisture in your brow area, which is a crucial component in the growth of your eyebrows. If you have any allergy or your eyebrows & eyelashes are sensitive, consult a dermatologist before applying this or anything else.

Remedies For Longer Lashes

Longer lashes make you look beautiful, almost every adult wants the lashes to be long and curvy. Do you want longer lashes too? Here are a few tips you can follow:-

Eyelid Massage

Massaging your eyelids would improve the blood flow to your hair follicles and the area surrounding your eyes, promoting significantly thicker lashes and hair.

Olive Oil + Almond Oil

Almond oil and olive oil are both well-known for promoting excellent hair growth. Every night before bed, combine the two oils in a container and apply the mixture to your lashes.

Brushing the Eyelids

Even though it may seem insignificant, using an eyelash brush to clean your eyelids will help remove debris and dust particles. Every night after you take off your makeup, brush your eyelashes by working your way up from the roots to the tips.

Castor Oil

As it nourishes and stimulates hair development, castor oil’s abundance in natural fatty acids makes it a crucial hair follicle stimulant. One of the earliest natural treatments for long eyelashes is castor oil use. You can do this by using a Q-tip or a clean mascara wand to apply castor oil to your lashes and lash lines while avoiding its contact with your eyes. Additionally, you can make a castor oil and vitamin E oil mixture that you can use every day before bed and wash out the following morning.

Choose The Right Product For Your Eyelash & Eyebrows

We all must choose the best care products for our lashes and brows. It is because our facial skin is sensitive and needs care. Most of the time, we go with products or treatments to get longer and thicker lashes and brows without putting any effort. But did you know it may be harmful if you choose the wrong product?

You can try products from websites like MD Factor, a platform that deals with organic products. It is proven that organic products are chemical-free and environment-friendly so they won’t harm you.

Wrapping Up!

Good lashes and brows are the most attractive features of the face, and never underestimate the power of fierce lashes and brows. You can use MD Factor’s best lash growth serum to make your lashes beautiful.

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