Fashion, Fragrance And High-End Candles: Worlds Collide Divinely

If you don’t believe that fashion and candle fragrance go together, you would be sadly mistaken. 

Scent is huge for most people and not solely for enhancing their body and essence. True, fragrance matters and identifies who we are as personalities and sensual beings. Our favorite perfume or after shave cologne is extremely individual and helps set the tone for our unique style.

A particular scent in the home also plays a prominent role, and luxury candles provide an incredible fragrance, beauty and a warm cozy statement about our personal surroundings. For example, the exotic scent of oils in golden amber, warm tulips, wild orchid or peony garden can create a beautiful oasis away from the stresses and challenges of everyday life. For the wax-obsessed, candles allow us to alter our mood, relax, soothe and enjoy the heavenly infusion of fragrance in almost endless possibilities.

U.K. designer Bella Freud is celebrated for her lovely signature sweaters, but the great granddaughter of famed psychotherapist Sigmund Freud also brought high-end candle fragrance into her designer brand.

Fashion editors seem to find common ground between candle earthiness, fragrance and style. At Wmagazine, Jane Larkworthy fell in love with Freud’s JeT’aime Jane candle with its heady floral mixture, including tiger lily and green leaves.

At Voguemagazine, the fashion elite also empower their lives and surroundings with exquisite candle collections. Some of them stock up during winter to bring renewed light and inspiration to a space. Others light up designer candles because the scented fumes remind them of the church altar’s incense or a welcoming fireplace without lighting one up.

Model Petra Nemcova founded her own lifestyle brand, Be the Light New York, which also features a collection of high-end candles. People remember the tragedy she survived during the tragic Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. Her candles have been specially created to capture the scents of favorite places she has visited around the world.

One of her favorites is an ode to Haiti and called, Haitian Hibiscus Breeze “Beauty and Strength.” Its beautiful fragrance includes vetiver, pepper, orange, mandarin and hibiscus.

Iconic designer Ralph Lauren has also left his mark on his lifestyle brand, including the popular Ralph Lauren Candle. The classic is made from premium soy wax, burns for 100 hours and comes in a sleek gold-toned glass holder and presented in a Ralph Lauren signature navy box.

Inside RL’s flagship store location in New York City, the designer has scent creating the perfect notes of ambiance for shoppers. Spaces are small and illuminated with candles and the softest of lighting.

Designer Tom Ford is obsessed with the luxury of fine candles and sells his own brand. The scents he offers include six of the brand’s signature fragrances— Neroli Portofino, Café Rose, White Suede, Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather. The beauties come encased an elegant brown glass with a special cover.

Fragrance is a good thing.