July 5, 2022


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Five Top Tips For When Your Gemstone Breaks

Functioning with gemstones can be satisfying but challenging. When a gemstone breaks it can be a person of the most disheartening matters at any time! Really don’t fret, nearly each jeweller has been there, and a damaged gemstone doesn’t have to signify a squandered piece.

In this article are 5 prime strategies to make the most of a gemstone even if it breaks

Resetting the stones

Remove the gemstone items from their setting and reset as two individual gemstones. Possibly applying claw settings or (based on the type of break and the designs of the broken stones), bezel configurations. You could then connect the settings to ring shanks or convert them into pendants. Usually, you can however use your unique style and design, just with your new various-shaped gemstone.


Having inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfections and making a little something of even additional benefit, why not make a aspect of the broken gemstone by gluing the crack back together and then implementing gold leaf alongside the crack. This can make it even much more attractive and special.

Rework the gemstones into an inlay

Gently crush the gemstones into tons of small parts. Employing resin and the gemstone chips, inlay them into a marginally recessed variety. This could get the job done notably nicely for stepped ring bands.

Wire wrapping

This is perfect if the broken gemstone items are quite substantial. Utilizing wire wrapping strategies, wrap the gemstone pieces, earning a loop at the top to act as a bail. You could even make the two separate gemstone items into a pair of matching gemstone earrings!

Embrace it!

If your gemstone is now established in a bezel, the crack normally will not affect the security of the setting. The natural beauty of handmade jewelry is that it is exceptional and visibly handcrafted blunders materialize but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the end result is any fewer beautiful than your initial design and style.

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