January 18, 2022


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Heart Songs: The Playlist – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

In situations of uncertainty, I discover myself turning to tracks where by the singers are experience the same way I do and obtaining a way as a result of it. These are the MN albums I’ve been placing on when I require a reminder that we’re all in this jointly and that tunes unites us like nothing at all else.


When We Continue to be Alive 

An intimate electro-pop album about obtaining hope soon after a everyday living-altering interval of harm and isolation. Sound common?

Dessa and MNOrch 

Sound the Bells

“I want that great grief, the a person that heals me,” sings Mpls.’s beloved literary rapper on this unlikely collab.

Girl Midnight 

Death Before Mourning

This album slows down my heart fee. I’m certain it can sluggish time as perfectly.

Mark Mallman  

The Conclusion is Not the Conclusion

A sci-fi notion album that blazes a trail as a result of a tragic decline. Pair it with Mallman’s vivid memoir, The Contentment Playlist.

Dan Wilson 

Absolutely free Existence

An album that will often remind me of singing tracks of hope in a few-part harmony with my finest tunes mates.

Greg Grease 

Down So Lengthy

I’m certain this is a person of the most underrated albums of the decade. The Minneapolis Sound echoes in Greg’s ingenious beats and raps.

The Jayhawks 

Wet Day Songs

Tim O’Reagan’s voice on “Tampa to Tulsa” is like a warm blanket on an apocalyptically chilly day.


We Do not Even Dwell In this article

Speaking of the apocalypse: Here’s a killer soundtrack to assist us dance as a result of it.

Zoo Animal 


A spare, atmospheric album about reinventing ourselves and obtaining a improved way to forge in advance.


Indicator O’ the Occasions

Even when items are at their most dire, Prince reminds us to go “Play in the Sunshine,” sext our beloveds, and rock this mom down.