July 5, 2022


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High Fashion And QR Codes:  The Adoption Towards High Tech Fashion

High Fashion And QR Codes:  The Adoption Towards High Tech Fashion

High Fashion And QR Codes:  The Adoption Towards High Tech Fashion

As keeping one fashion brand’s relevancy is highlighted by most fashion icons and gurus, staying behind the traditional means of unveiling their latest collection or issue is something that can cripple their customer base numbers and reputation in the fashion industry. 

And with technology being introduced and adapted into society today, known high fashion brands are now searching for new ways to integrate technology in delivering their following fashion and lifestyle cover or line. 

With technologies like the metaverse and NFT taking in the face of today’s trending technologies to look out for, many famous high fashion and lifestyle brands are now revolutionizing the way they promote their brand and products with it.

But as these technologies are complex to introduce to their customers, they need to simplify their technological introduction to them is highlighted. To address this problem, they incorporate the use of a QR code generator online and create a QR code to serve as the print to online gateway for their customers to connect. 

How do High Fashion Brands use QR codes today?

Since they are adding modern technology in the way they promote or unveil their next fashion venture, here are the following ways high fashion brands integrate QR codes in their current marketing and operating means. 

Social Media Promotions 

Having a substantial social media presence is critical for every brand today. As they shape how influential and how high converting their campaigns on social media are, high fashion marketers use these platforms to increase their presence online and encourage more people to follow and visit their pages for greater brand exposure. 

And with one thing, they ensure to increase their engagements and conversions on social media by using a social media QR code in their product packaging, brand deals, and more. 

Unveiling a Metaverse Exclusive Fashion Item

To keep their current patrons updated with today’s trend, some high fashion and lifestyle brands are now hopping on the metaverse to create a seamless fashion experience for their devotees. In making the Fashion meets tech doctrine a reality, the known High-fashion and Lifestyle magazine, Vogue, uses this space to create an unusual and highly tech-relevant magazine cover on their Singapore branch with NFTs as their main cover. 

Since NFTs are can only be accessed online using software that houses the NFT item like the OpenSea and other sites, Vogue Singapore incorporates a Big QR code in their print edition where the owners of the NFT can scan and view the entire NFT-based cover image. 

Connect Customers to their Campaign Homepage

With the coveted Fashion Shows being held in different high-fashion locations like France, Milan, and New York, the preparation of these shows dates back a couple of weeks before the event cordially starts. And as a way to entice their guests, media, and fashion icons, high fashion brands can use a QR code generator to make custom-designed QR codes to add to their print promotions and direct customers to their campaign homepage.  

In this space, they can show the preparation articles and videos made before the event and add a sneak peek of the models that will wear and flaunt their designs on the runway.

Direct customers to a digital copy of the catalog or magazine

High-fashion magazine brands that are also into digital publishing can use QR codes to direct customers to a digital copy of their latest issue and purchase one for them to read on their reading devices like an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet while on their work break.


High-fashion firms can increase the impact of their promotional activities with innovation. The fashion industry can employ QR code technology to retain existing customers and attract new ones. QR codes have given rise to a new promotional standard.

QR codes are increasingly becoming a must-have tool for linking people to the internet, and you should use them in all of your marketing efforts.