Hiring a professional house painter : 17 questions you have to ask

5 Questions You Need Answered Before Hiring a House Painter | The Paint  People

There are so many painting businesses out there to select from, so how do you decide which painter will be the ideal one for your home painting project?

How can you tell if you’re dealing with a reputable company or just a lone paintbrush?

If you’re considering painting your house yourself or hiring a professional house painting company, consider the following questions before making your decision.

Whether you need interior or exterior painting assistance, asking a few questions before hiring someone will make your project go much more smoothly.

Painting is undoubtedly one of the most important investments you will make in your home, so you don’t want to pay a house painter to do a poor job. If you want to have any area of your home painted, you’ll need to locate a skilled residential painting business you can trust to provide excellent service from beginning to end. You have every right to expect outcomes that you’ll be happy to display.

You should select a firm that can supply you with the services you require. There are a lot of fantastic ones out there, but choosing a reputable home painting company in Dublin can be challenging, and it’s vital.

With the knowledge you’ll receive from this guide, you’ll be able to tell the difference between professional and “cowboy painters” (as we refer to them) and choose the best painting business for your home painting project. One that you can trust to give you a long-lasting and superb paint finish without the headaches that come with this line of work.

Our firm, Alex Trend Painters, Dublin’s Trusted House Painters, will always supply you with the greatest quality painting services in accordance with your specifications.

We’ve put up a list of questions to ask to help you choose the finest painting company for your home.

Is your painting firm licenced?

Unfortunately, tradies have a bad record for being a little shady. There are plenty of “cowboy” tradies out there, too, despite the fact that there are some fantastic trade companies out there.

So, how do you tell if you’re dealing with a “cowboy” or a professional painter?

A nice place to start is with this simple question: Is your QBCC licenced and covered by insurance?

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has set painting standards that require painters to meet severe licencing criteria.

Even if it’s a minor work around €3300, don’t take the chance of hiring an unlicensed painter. Please visit the QBCC website for further information.

Do you have insurance?

Customers, property, employees, and painters who are covered by public liability insurance and workcover are all protected.

Insurance for Public Liability

Even the most meticulous painters are prone to making mistakes, and despite their best efforts, mistakes can result in property damage. Damage might range from the loss of a family heirloom to the structural damage caused by fire or water to your home. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the cost of damage caused by a tradesperson may not be covered by your homeowner’s or contents insurance.

Customers are protected by public liability insurance, which covers the cost of any property damage that occurs during your project.

Ask to view the painter’s public liability insurance certificate of currency to confirm that your property will be protected in the event of an accident.


Painting may not appear to be as dangerous as other occupations, yet painters encounter a variety of hazards on a daily basis. Building and construction sites may be a virtual minefield when it comes to accidents and injuries, no matter how many precautions are taken.

Inquire about the step-by-step procedure that your painter will use.

The majority of professional house painting companies employ a method or a step-by-step procedure. Several steps might be included in the procedure, including

  • The original discussion
  • An examination of your home
  • The projected or final quote value of your project
  • The deposit and approval from the contact
  • The painter is introduced, and the colours are chosen.
  • House washing, plastering, scraping, sanding, priming, caulking, and masking are all steps in the preparation process.
  • Scheduling Other professions that may be required
  • Painting

Do you need to prepare anything? How many coats are you going to apply? What is the thickness of the paint you are using?

Before painting, the painter should carefully prepare your walls so that you may avoid a lot of paint issues in the future. This will prevent random bubbling, flaking, and chipping on your property. Inquire with your painter if any pre-prep work is required and, if so, how they plan to address the problem.

All paint cans come with instructions on how many coats to apply and how thick they should be. However, because it takes longer and uses more paint, paint is usually not put at the required thickness.

How many personnel are you going to need to do this project? How long have they been employed by you? Are the painters who were dispatched to your home vetted?

A well-run firm will arrive when they say they will, work a full day, and then return each day until the project is completed. On the quote, an expert painter will know how long the task will take and how many people would be required.

Are you going to be punctual every day? Will you be able to finish on time? How long will it take to complete the project?

A well-organized and motivated crew of painters will show up when they say they will, work a full day, and then return every day until the task is finished. Those that don’t will take longer and cause more disruption in your life than necessary.

Some painters overwork themselves by taking on too many projects at once. As workers flit between occupations, work progress slows or becomes inconsistent. This is a regular issue that may be avoided by artists who are as good at business as they are at painting.

Another element that causes job delays is the weather. Work gets done quickly when the weather is nice. Due to the inclement weather, everyone must remain patient.

At Alex Trend Painters, we make every effort within our control to ensure that your job will start on schedule and get done on time.

Which paint brand do you suggest?

Alex Trend Painters chose a certain brand – Wattyl – for a multitude of reasons, the most essential of which was competent assistance and high-quality supplies at a fair price. It’s reasonable to inquire as to why a painter is hesitant to utilise a different product. It’s good to have a strong believe in a product based on personal experience, but when a financial incentive takes precedence over everything else, the advice you receive may not be in your best interests.

All of this is based on high-quality materials; if you’re being led to a low-cost option, find another painter. You never get more than you pay for when it comes to painting. Furthermore, most professionals avoid using paint from “big box” chain stores for a variety of reasons, including product quality, limited selection, bad service, inaccurate colour matching, and availability.

Do you expect payment in advance?

If your painter is a bad business owner, he may utilise your down payment to cover last month’s costs, then be in a rush to finish the job so he can pay his employees. You’ve just given up a lot of power in terms of ensuring the agreed-upon quality of work. A significant upfront payment is frequently indicative of a business that is undercapitalized. To cover the painter’s initial purchase of paint and materials, only a ten percent deposit of the quote is necessary. Making a partial payment after a few days is a reasonable option. The painter has committed labour and equipment to the job, and the homeowner can see how it’s coming along, so both parties are invested in a successful outcome.

Will my belongings be safe?

A good painting firm will drop sheet everything, move or stake treasured plants, and make sure that cars are not in the way of overspray. It’s easier for a painter to instruct his staff to “watch out for the plants” or just hope they’re not careless—this type of meticulous preparation is often disregarded since it’s a headache. Paying attention to detail from the outset will save everyone time and money in the long run.

Will there be loud music, offensive language, or cigarette stubs in my garden?

Some painters mistakenly believe that your home is their workspace. Then they behave in this manner. It’s preferable to be upfront about your expectations. Alex Trend Painters’ painters are trained in customer service and satisfaction methods, so you will never see our painters engage in any inappropriate behaviour.

What about dust and lead paint?

This question will reveal whether the painter is aware of the lead problem or is exaggerating it to obtain the job. Lead paint is a significant issue that need to be investigated thoroughly. The dangers should be understood by both the painter and the homeowner.

Any lead paint preparation should be done by a lead-certified painter. Any paint put to your home prior to 1978 should be assumed to contain lead. Companies that do not properly prepare lead paint do a disservice to the painter, the homeowner, and the environment.

Do you have a list of clients willing to vouch for your work’s quality?

Any painting company worth its lacquer should be able to provide a list of recent properties painted and let potential clients to interact with homeowners who have worked with the paint company firsthand. If only a few homes are accessible to speak with, be sceptical, as they could be the painter’s next-door neighbour, sister-in-law, or other “ring-ins.”

Consider reviewing their Google and Facebook reviews to double-check their honesty.

How will the job be cleaned up once it’s completed?

The homeowner may assume that the painters will remove any old wood, trim, empty paint buckets, worn-out drop cloths, or other detritus connected with painting, but unless this is specified in writing, the painter is not required to remove anything once the project is completed. Having everything in writing with your painter ensures that every last detail will be attended to.

Will someone be available to take calls and answer questions?

Before a contract is signed, it is normal for queries to be rapidly answered, but persons who can answer questions have a habit of inexplicably disappearing once a task is started. Not only should the paint company ensure that queries will be answered promptly once the job begins, but the paint company’s referrals should also be questioned about the paint company’s communication after the contract is signed.

Is there anything I need to do before you arrive?

Asking whether there is anything you need to do before someone comes in to paint is a smart question to ask right away. Some firms do not require you to do anything, while others may want you to move your own furniture or complete your own preparation work. While this may not be a deal-breaker for you, it’s useful to know so you can plan ahead if necessary.

Where will you keep supplies and paint overnight while working on the project?

This is most often a question that isn’t considered until the project is underway. It’s crucial to understand since just because the project is expected to take a few days doesn’t mean your life will come to a halt during that period. Keeping paint cans out of your driveway and hallways is a good safety precaution as well as a stress reliever.

Please elaborate on the warranty that you offer.

Warranties and guarantees are not offered by every company. Inquiring as to what kind, if any, will assist you in gaining some piece of mind. Most businesses will provide a guarantee of one to three years. The majority of paint job flaws will show up during the first year, so those are acceptable expectations. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to warranties is what is and is not covered. Will you be responsible for looking for flaws as a homeowner, or will the business return to inspect the work?

It’s not easy to find the right painting company, and you shouldn’t base your decision solely on price.

One method to ensure a positive experience is to contact a firm like Alex Trend Painters, which has years of experience and is a strong member of the community with a lot to lose if they do not do the project as promised and at the agreed-upon price.