January 28, 2022


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HOLLAND: Those who desperately seek God shall find Him

By William F. Holland Jr., DD., C.ED.D


I recognize that my ideas are not that essential, but what God has to say has the electricity to improve what gentleman cannot modify. May well we pick out faith more than panic and enable our hope to be larger than our doubt! Did you observe that I said we have the selection to make your mind up which facet we are heading to consider. Of course, but brother Billy how can I pick daily life? Properly, Deuteronomy chapter 30 is an amazing place to get started when making an attempt to understand God’s designs for our life. Verse 19, “This day I connect with the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have established prior to you lifestyle and death, blessings and curses. Now pick out lifestyle, so that you and your youngsters may well live.”

These guidance and guarantees have been being directed to the nation of Israel, but we can also include religious ideas like this into our life now. God is indicating to anyone that obedience unto Him will empower and renew our minds whilst imparting a clearer knowledge of His perfect will. Our accountability is to listen to His phrase and then converse it forth in religion as we push forward in our quest to surrender our will so that we can accomplish His will. Men and girls have constantly had alternatives to obey God or be rebellious and He is declaring that our decisions have much to do with whether or not we are blessed or cursed. We also see that next His instructions is affiliated with extensive daily life even though on the other hand refusing to have a reverential dread of His holiness will bring judgment. Possessing a carnal mother nature usually leads us to deeper ranges of corruption and wickedness.

Do not confuse your present route with your location. Just due to the fact it is cloudy and storming nowadays does not suggest the sun will not glow tomorrow. We can have joy and peace on the within no matter what is happening about us.

An African proverb claims “however long the night time, the dawn will break” which reminds us of the passage found in Psalm 30:5, “Weeping could past by the night but joy comes in the morning.”

The human spirit is more robust than anything at all that can transpire to it since it is everlasting. Could we normally try to remember that if we are walking with God, Satan can never ever defeat us. The devil is allowed to tempt and influence us so that we may well be discouraged and make wrong options, but the Bible claims in James 4:7 that if we have the perseverance to resist him, he will flee. Satan arrived to Jesus in Matthew chapter 4 and Christ stood potent towards him. We examine in verses 10 and 11, “Then Jesus mentioned to him, absent with you, Satan! For it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall provide. Then the devil still left Him, and behold, angels arrived and ministered to Him.”

As several of you know, my wife is a two-time most cancers survivor. She has walked through lots of dim valleys, but now we rejoice as she has been most cancers-cost-free for 10 years. She agrees with the aged expressing that it’s not how a lot of occasions you tumble down, it’s how several periods you get again up! When we are going through a crisis, we have a few choices: We can let it determine us, we can permit it demolish us, or we can allow it fortify us.

Most cancers or any illness can’t cease appreciate, shatter hope, dissolve religion, ruin peace, silence bravery, steal eternal lifetime, or conquer our spirit. I Timothy 1:7 reminds us, “For God hath not presented us the spirit of fear but of electrical power, and of adore, and of a seem mind.” Faith does not go to bed and pull the addresses over our head.

The Bible talks a whole lot about religious warfare which is a truth for just about every Christian soldier. My new guide is called, “Receiving our Healing — Likely to war on our knees” and reveals that God needs to give us miracles, while also conveying what He calls for from us. Psychological, psychological, bodily, and spiritual healing is involved in the blood atonement of Christ and within this covenant, we can get His claims. However, to stroll in the ability and authority of His Spirit, we need to know who He is in us, and who we are in Him. Jesus is our deliverer, our healer, our Redeemer and Savior, the King of kings, and the Lord earlier mentioned all lords.

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