How to make Swag-Style Chandelier Earrings

The “TierraCast Hammertone Stitch-in Link” is developed for use as a stitched-in end for seed-bead perform, but I feel it functions equally well as a chandelier-fashion connector. In this venture, I put together swags of cable jewelry chains to make extensive chandelier earrings. They are straightforward and nonetheless spectacular. In celebration of the start of Autumn, I manufactured antiqued copper earrings, but really don’t truly feel limited–supplies are offered in four different plated finishes: silver, gold, antiqued brass, and antiqued copper. So you might want to make far more than a single pair.

You will have to have these materials:

You will need these applications:

Abide by these ways:

1st, measure and slice the chain to size. Each earring has 3 items of chain assembled in a staggered swag. The chain segments’ lengths are close to 2″, 3″, and 4″. Evaluate the chain in opposition to a ruler and use flush cutters to a single-by-one particular slice two items of chain at every single duration.

String the two slash 2″ chain parts on a wire eye pin to test that the lengths are equivalent. Use flush cutters to cut off further chain one-way links right up until the chain segments evenly match. Repeat this step with the 3″ and 4″ items of chain.

Pictured is one established of the 3-chain, staggered-length segments. Take out the eye pin (in this undertaking, it is a instrument and not a ingredient of the earrings.

Twist open a soar ring. String the three chain segments onto the leap ring with chain items purchased in size from 4″ to 3″ to 2″.

Connect the jump ring to the reduced-left hanging loop on the hammertone hyperlink. The longest chain section should really be on the outside of the link. Twist the soar ring closed.

Situation the chain segments in a swagged pattern (avoid twisting the chain). Open up a second leap ring and string on every chain section.

Connect the soar ring to the decrease right hanging loop with the 4″ chain piece on the exterior. Twist the soar ring securely shut. Observe the pattern of the chain drapes evenly with the quick 2″ phase in the center, the 3″ segment in the middle, and the 4″ segment on the exterior.

Twist open the loop on a niobium earring hook and connect it to the best loop of a TierraCast hammertone url. Twist the ear wire loop shut.

Entire your earring by introducing a French wire keeper (this goes powering your ear lobe to avert earring decline).

Fabricate the next earring by repeating the preceding ways.

“Copper Canyon” Earrings made by Rings & Issues designer Mollie Valente.


Here is yet another pair of swag-model chandelier earrings to make. Free of charge instructions are obtainable in the Rings & Things Jewelry Layout Gallery!

“Elegant Valentine” Earrings established by Rings & Things designer Megan Holden

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