The Eight Techniques of Writing A Good Essay - The Best Essay

Despite the fact that the essay is a creative work, it has a clear structure that is the same for all texts. Checking how the student coped with the task, the teacher will certainly pay attention to the presence of relevance, hypothesis, thesis statements and other things, arranged in a certain order. Wiseessays writing essay services will help you with high grade essay writing.

Essay structure

The structure of the essay assumes the nomination in the beginning of a certain thesis, and after its proof by arguments in the form of logical deductions, quotations or presentation of suitable facts.

The essay, however, consists of such elements:

  • Title. It must accurately reflect the essence of what is written. The plan is not written, go straight to the text.
  • Introduction. Here it is necessary to justify the importance of considering the questions chosen by the student, to put forward the main hypothesis. A hypothesis is a certain assumption that will be confirmed or disproved. If you state the opinion of a certain scientist or group of people with whom you do not agree, then such a hypothesis is refuted. But a self-generated idea, as a rule, must be confirmed. However, you can show that your old opinion was wrong. If the essay is small, the word “introduction” does not need to be written.
  • Main part. It is not difficult to write the structure of an essay on your own, if it is small. A new paragraph – and now the thesis statement and argumentation are written. Larger texts are better subdivided into parts by subheadings in bold. The structure of the main part resembles a chain of rings. First the thesis is put forward, then write several arguments to it. The thesis proved, and therefore move on to the next.
  • The author decides how many thesis he needs to prove. The number of arguments should not be less than 2-3 pieces. A large number overloads the study, and a smaller number does not look serious for a scientific paper.
  • Conclusion. The rules on how to write the structure of an essay say that it is necessary to summarize briefly, where the last paragraph is devoted to the words that in this way we have proved the assumption made earlier. Putting the conclusion on a separate page is acceptable if it is a text of large volume. Otherwise, it is enough to start it with a new paragraph.
  • List of sources. Sometimes the essay contains references to quotations from books, data from official resources. They should be designed as a full-fledged list of used literature. For all borrowed dates or citations you need to make references. To do this, use the appropriate menu item text editor. The sources are submitted as they appear or in alphabetical order. When using the alphabetical order of the laws go first, then the works of domestic authors, lined up on the first letters of the names or titles, after the work of foreign scientists, then – the resources of the Internet.
  • Appendices. The structure of the essay does not presuppose the design of appendices. However, there is no strict prohibition on their presence. Here are the materials that help to better understand the essence of the evidence presented.