Is Virgin’s Economy X worth it?

The author on an Economy X flight

Does $35 for extra leg area truly pay off?

A quick primer if you have not heard of Virgin Australia’s Economy X: fundamentally, it can be paying out extra to get seats with more leg area. To start with released in 2017, an Economy X seat will possibly be just guiding business course or one of the exit rows in the center of the aircraft. The cost you pay varies a minimal based on the size of the flight, but $35 is usual for a jaunt involving two Australian money cities.

The strategy of paying out more for house just isn’t new or exceptional. Qantas similarly fees more if you want to be in an exit row. Virgin also sprinkles in a handful of extra Economy X added benefits: focused cabin baggage house which other passengers are told not to use priority boarding and priority screening, assuming the airport you might be employing provides that.

Empty Economy X rows

I have indulged in Economy X flights on a handful of instances. Most recently, over the weekend I signed up for it on flights from Newcastle to Melbourne and then Melbourne to Sydney. But that was largely mainly because I was able to get it for 50 percent cost. And frankly, I’m still not rather certain it was well worth it.

You can find no denying that Economy X is improved in the leg area department. Unlike any standard domestic flights, my pins usually are not bashing against the seat in entrance even when it can be upright. (I’m six toes tall, which is enough to be not comfortable but not unbearable when I’m on Tigerair or Jetstar.)

View of legs when sitting in an Economy X seat

But every thing else is really significantly a mixed bag. One of the gentle added benefits of Economy X is that Virgin will typically attempt and leave the center seat subsequent to you vacant. That can make for a significantly more soothing flight when it happens. But it just isn’t assured if all those seats are total, you may have the exact fight for elbow area as in standard economy.

And that’s what occurred on my two flights over the weekend: in both of those instances, there was anyone in the center seat. Them’s the breaks. (Platinum Velocity flyers get accessibility to Economy X seats for totally free, which can guide to higher desire, specially on preferred routes like Sydney-Melbourne.

Precedence screening turned out to be a bust for me. Newcastle Airport would not have it, nevertheless to be reasonable there was no queuing going on. Melbourne does have it, but only for gates one-ten, and my flight was departing from gate thirteen, so no dice there possibly.

Observationally, it can also be messy. You can find nothing on the in-app boarding go than signifies Economy X. The Virgin staffers can explain to from your row selection, but everyday observers are unable to. At Gold Coast Airport, I have observed Economy X passengers told they are unable to use the priority lane, mainly because the only point the gate employees are examining is the passenger’s Velocity status.

Precedence boarding was also mixed. It existed for both of those flights. Nonetheless, Virgin begun boarding my Newcastle-Melbourne flight early, and then barely 30 seconds later kicked off basic boarding. So I quickly could have lost out. In Melbourne, it labored as envisioned.

Base line? At 50 percent-cost, Economy X just barely seemed well worth the expenditure. At total cost, I don’t believe I might seem at it once again unless I was on a extended flight (Sydney-Perth or Brisbane-Alice Springs, say).

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