MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Spring is Inspiring Me

                         Ceramic Bouquets in Porcelain and  Stoneware by Mary Harding

It is 5:50 AM and it is by now entirely gentle outside, the temperature is almost 50 degrees and the grass in our pastures is so eco-friendly  it seems fake.  The willows down at the river are breaking out into a attractive gentle green, the birds are signing and the frogs are taking part in their banjos, slowly, deeply and woeing me into a condition of Spring Fever.
I have been in my studio very a bit these days and typically without having the warmth turned on.  I while I would share some new parts with you created with the independence that will come when the air warms up and the pressure of cold and ice is no for a longer period a issue.  I have likely also been in particular impressed this Spring due to the fact I skipped out on this time of yr studio time past April, May and for even extended thanks to my ankle personal injury.  It just feels so good to be free to walk all over on smooth unfrozen soil and breathe in the warm fragrant air.  I am so grateful to be right here.

Stoneware Clover Pendant by Mary Harding

Stoneware Pendant of Smaller Daisies by Mary Harding

Stoneware Daisy Head Pendant by Mary Harding

Modest Thistle Pendant Stoneware by Mary Harding

Golden Flowers Leaf Pendant Stoneware by Mary Harding

Stoneware Lavender and Green Wild Flower Leaf Pendant by Mary Harding

Stoneware Flower and Hollow Bead by Mary Harding

I manufactured  most of these pieces for the Artisans Develop Jointly Trunk Clearly show this final week.  I want to thank all of you for you enthusiasm, form and inspiring responses and purchases.  It was a great event produced probable by Janice Everett and her Co Admins Lesley Watt and Karen Vincent.

I  hope that anywhere  you are  you are obtaining a terrific Spring or perhaps it is a fantastic Fall, imagining of good friends in Australia and that part of the world.
Thanks for stopping by.

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