Motivation Behind the Success of Sassy Jones

Charis Jones Talks Using Her Work History to Scale Sassy Jones Into HSN  Partnership

Success doesn’t just come easy; it takes time, hard work, dedication, and becoming “uncomfortable.” Because fear can stunt your growth, and who likes to feel stuck? Don’t use fear as a crutch to have you back from those gut feelings you have to push ahead.

 Charis Jones, the founder of Sassy Jones Boutique, saw the sun through the clouds and extended Sassy Jones Boutique this summer.

The founder of Sassy Jones, Charis Jones, perfectly illustrates a rapid rise. Charis ranked #24 this year on the Inc. 5000 list of businesses by revenue growth, up from #75 in 2020. To put it in perspective, consider that most of the top 30–40 companies on that list work in biology, technology, and medicine. Nevertheless, Charis was among the top 25 best-selling clothes, cosmetics, and accessories brands.

That means that Sassy Jones is the nation’s fastest-growing retailer . . . in a pandemic. For the mid-Atlantic region, Charis was named Ernst & Young LLP’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2021. As a black woman in business, she leads a team of forty-three during unprecedented times, making it look easy.

Charis Jones is flourishing after starting a business selling jewelry and accessories. Her Sassy Jones e-commerce firm, situated in Richmond, is undergoing a tremendous expansion. Affordable statement pieces from Sassy Jones Boutique will make you feel and look like a million dollars.

Women’s ready-to-wear clothing has just been introduced to the Sassy Jones catalog. Jones also intends to start selling shoes and home goods consistent with her brand’s varied and vibrant styles the following year.

“This was always the goal— to be a lifestyle brand,” said Jones, who left a corporate job five years ago to pursue her business while juggling being an entrepreneur and a mother of infant twins.

“This is just part of the journey that we had developed long ago,” she said of her new apparel line. “Clothing was the second category for us to conquer. In the future, we’ll have a shoe line. Next year, we’re releasing home decor. And it’s all based on love and customer requests about how they like our jewelry and accessories.”

Her 40-piece contemporary women’s collection’s initial four items—an animal print dress, a vibrant two-piece jogging set, and two separate short groups—were made available to the general public on Thursday. These items came in sizes small to 2X. 

Jones knows how far she had come since 2013 when she started making jewelry on the side while working a corporate job. At first, she sold goods out of the back of her minivan while creating her jewelry and accessories in her dining room. Three years later, she resigned to concentrate on her fledgling company.

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