New Minnesota State Fair Food Reviews 2021

Well the Minnesota State Fair was back, and so were we. It felt different, because it was different.

We managed to eat all the new foods, plus a few bonus foods, though we missed one because we were too late, and one because they ran out. We’ll catch them later.

For the first day of the fair, it was clearly slower than in years past. Was that because of the looming rain? Was it because of the large number of people opting out this year due to the Delta variant? It was probably a mix of both. We saw more people on the earlier side of things, and then it seemed to empty out a bit. But then it seemed to get crowded again, like a shift change. Though, we’d never seen such quick access and lack of line to score a bucket of cookies. I felt for the vendors, some of whom were standing in the street outside of their booths just watching, but I will admit it was nice not having to battle the throngs like we usually do.

There were people with masks, there were people without masks. Some workers wore them, others did not. No one booed me for being the only person in the somewhat empty Frontier Bar with a mask on while ordering, and I felt ok taking it off when I moved through streets in most areas. We did use two shortcuts to avoid the big intersections. But overall, in general, it felt like it always has on slower days.  

For your New Foods Guide this year, I am giving you a hot take on the new food along with some notes of who would give each food a thumbs up and who might give it a thumbs down, you know, for context. The beers and bevs we’ll round up for you later this week in its own post. We’ve also added the places that will take credit cards, and tried to nail down the booths hours of operation so you can better plan your day.

A note about pricing, things are clearly more expensive this year, so plan accordingly. We didn’t feel right about grading on price too often, given the supply chain issues and rising costs vendors face, but we have included the prices so that you can make your own judgement as to what is of value. You will be able to tell how much I value cheese.

Good luck out there, stay safe and have fun!

Buffalo Chicken Doughscuit: Fluffy biscuit-style doughnuts stuffed with shredded chicken, glazed with a sweet & spicy buffalo icing, and topped with crispy bacon bits. At The Blue Barn$12.95. Takes CC, 7am-11pm.

These are some hefty little bombs. Ours were more biscuit than doughnut, with chicken bits tucked inside. The sauce plays that spicy Buffalo vibe, but overall it’s way more sweet than spicy. If you want that straight hot hit, you still have the Nashville hot chicken on a stick. 

Who will give it 👍: People who put hot sauce on their waffles or those who dip their Chicken in a Bisket crackers into ice cream.

Who will give it 👎: Buffalo chicken purists, people who eat salad for breakfast.

Dual Berry Shortcake: Strawberries and blueberries over a sugar-coated Betty & Earl’s biscuit, topped with whipped cream and balsamic glaze. At LuLu’s Public House, $7. Takes CC, 7a-11p.

A delightful berry treat in a boozy midst! The biscuit was lovely, the berries were fresh, it was simple and like a perfect topper to a summer picnic.

Who will give it 👍: Picnic pros, people who have berry bushes in their yard, nostalgia seekers, specific women who can summon birds and chat with squirrels.

Who will give it 👎: Humans who are not done eating their meats yet, brutes.

Bonus Food: Scorchin’ Ghost Pepper Bites Breaded and fried ghost pepper cheese served with an orange marmalade horseradish dipping sauce.  LuLu’s Public House, $7. Takes CC, 7a-11p.

Let’s all put a safe zone around fried cheese, you’re kinda not allowed to hate it on these grounds. These little spicy nugs of fried ghost pepper cheese give you some nice heat, a good slice through the sweet beers and sugar dances around you. But, they are also not scary hot, so you will still be able to eat all day without a truly scorched face. I’m gonna be honest, I forgot to try the sauce.

Who will give it 👍: Dairy lovers, pepper heads, dairy-lovin’ pepper heads.

Who will give it 👎: People who think ketchup is spicy and that salsa is the devil’s playground, ghosts who get offended easily.

Chicken & Macaroni Nordic Waffle +  I-Scream Waffle Sandwich: Two new fresh-made waffle wraps: A Southern-fried spicy chicken drummy and cheesy macaroni, finished with a drizzle of honey on a warm Nordic waffle; and a classic ice cream cookie sandwich, crunchy kettle corn and chocolate drizzle dusted with sprinkles all wrapped in a Nordic waffle. At Nordic Waffles, $9-12. 

I-Scream: Now this, this feels like a waffle spectacular spectacular! I loved this because I love ice cream sandwiches, and the way the waffle wraps around it, hugging the kettle corn and smooching with the sprinkles. It was not drippy or sugar-maxed to 11, it was a Fair treat. $9

Who will give it 👍: ME, and anyone who has housed a 12-pack of ice cream sandwiches before family knew you had bought them.

Who will give it 👎: The joyless.

Chicken and Mac: I get it. You make waffles and people keep asking when you’re going to do a chicken and waffles bit, and so you say here’s a whole fried bone-in chicken leg on top of some macaroni and cheese on top of this lovely waffle. Here’s what: the mac is homey, the waffle is solid, and the leg is tasty and well-fried, but I am still clueless as to how you’re supposed to eat it all together. Doesn’t really work. (I’d just rather get the salmon one if you’re hankering for savory). $12

Who will give it 👍: People looking for a few bites of mac n cheese who also want to gnaw on a chicken leg, people who need something to figure out while sitting down and ignoring their spouse for a bit.

Who will give it 👎: Those who intended to walk and eat.

Sidecar Sandwich: Thick-cut cognac-infused bacon smothered with Cointreau and citrus marmalade, layered with melted havarti, smoked Gouda and aged cheddar, served on toasted sourdough bread and garnished with fresh orange slices. At The Hideaway Speakeasy, $11. Takes CC, 9am-9pm.

This is a nice grilled bacon and multi sandwich on nice bread cut into triangles for easy eating and sharing. I am not a fan of the Cointreau-citrus marmalade, that just took a good sandwich to a wah-wah level for me. I would get it again, but ask for no jam.

Who will give it 👍: Wine cocktail drinkers who are already sugar faced, people who put orange on EVERYTHING.

Who will give it 👎: Serious grilled cheese people who are super serious about grilled cheese (ahem), people who punch you when you do that orange-you-glad-you-didn’t-say-banana knock knock joke.

The Naughty Biscuit: Smoked pork belly topped with beer cheese sauce, arugula, pickled red onions and candied jalapeños served on a buttermilk biscuit. At RC’s BBQ, $10.

Lines were slow and Charlie Torgeson of RC’s said to me: well, I’ve already beaten last years sales!! That dad joke is good for 12 days. This sandwich is good for more. A top fave, because pork belly for sure, but also that beer cheese sauce and that buttermilk biscuit. This baby is one you pick up and you don’t put down, and also don’t talk to me while I’m eating it.

Who will give it 👍: Beer cheese hunters, people compiling a metric scaled ranking of good biscuits, humans who want to have that silent perfect bite moment all to themselves.

Who will give it 👎: Prudes caught up by the word naughty, people who still own VCRs but don’t know why.

Caramelized Banana Pudding: Layers of homemade vanilla pudding, fresh bananas, toasted ‘nilla wafers, caramelized cocoa crispy cereal, caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream. At Blue Moon Dine-In Theater, $8. Takes CC, 6am-10pm.

I felt really bad that my Giant Baby son had to go to college this year and couldn’t be our cleanup Sherpa, because he would have hoovered this. It’s like all the best parts of banana cream pie in cup, with little crunchy caramelized cereal bits on top. Also: it’s a lot of puddin’.

Who will give it 👍: Banana pudding heads.

Who will give it 👎: People who put your favorite sweater in the wash and then ruin it and then give you a flaccid “sorry”, which are the same people who hate Nilla Wafers.

Cracklin Prime Nachos: Deep-fried chicharrón covered in prime rib slices, ¡Que Bueno! nacho cheese, pico de gallo and green onion slices. At Coasters, $9. Takes CC, 7am – 11:30pm. 

This is a sorry not sorry moment. These are fully just deep-fried chicharrones or pork rinds, topped with beef (ours were def not prime rib slices, but fine, day one), nacho cheese, jalapeños, and salsa. Listen, sometimes you need to shun a tortilla chip, and when you do, the crispy airy chich is a willing player in your nacho story. Yes, this is basic AF and I’m ok with that.

Who will give it 👍: The Keto set, the Anti-Corn Leaguers, drunk people, nacho cheese aficionados.

Who will give it 👎: The Fancy, people who want to know where all their meat comes from, those scared of orange cheese.

Waffle Burger: Quarter-pound bacon cheeseburger served between two maple-infused candied sweet crunch waffles with a side of maple syrup. At Andy’s Grille, $7. 

This absolutely tastes how it looks. Not a lot of magic here. I appreciate the chance to choose-my-own-adventure with the syrup, but I didn’t even really get trashy love from this as the waffle to meats ratio was not in my savory favor (though the pic makes the burger look huge when really the waffles were muck thicker and dominant.) It was also a temp thing, there wasn’t a lot of hotness so I might think it could have better days if it was eaten right off the griddle.

Who will give it 👍: Someone who eats it the second they pay for it, guy who just needs something to slam in the car on the way home (but he chucks the syrup).

Who will give it 👎: The rest of us.

Jumbo Donut Sundae: A jumbo frosted yeast-raised donut available in a variety of flavors, topped with vanilla soft-serve ice cream, hot fudge and blend of sprinkles. At Fluffy’s Hand Cut Donuts, located between West Dan Patch and Carnes avenues and Liggett & Chambers streets, $13. Takes CC. 

These new-comers have giant donuts with bright colorful frosting and you can choose to make one into a Sundae. Reader, make that choice. Choose your donut, choose your ice cream topping, choose sprinkles and hot fudge and peanuts, or not. It’s like a fluffy moment of destiny staring you in the face.

Who will give it 👍: Homers, Instagrammers, people who bought those donut inner-tubes for pool day.

Who will give it 👎: Cake donut lovers, the scone people, mini-donut aesthetes, Tom Thumb.

Bonus Food: Piggy Pops Pork wrapped in bacon on a skewer. At Frontier Bar, $5.50 for one. Takes CC, 9am-11:30pm.

Guys, this is skewered pork hunks wrapped in bacon. Ok? One stick, five bucks, barbecue sauce for the flair.

Who will give it 👍: Humans who need just a quick protein hit to keep going, those who are sick of fried dough, the dairy intolerant, big bad wolves.

Who will give it 👎: Vegetarians, people who keep pigs as pets.

New Vendor: Libby’s Ice Cream Located east of Chambers Street, just south of the Grandstand.

So, Libby’s is a cute little soft serve stand outside of the Grandstand, that got brought into this mix at the last minute. They have great flavors of twisty soft serve ice cream and that’s fun. But I wanted to try the Banana Split on a Stick. Alas and alack, they had sold out before we got there, promising more tomorrow. Will update when I get it in my face.

Banh Minn Bun and Banh Minn Bowl: Asian-inspired sausage in a crusty French baguette with Sister’s Sriracha sauce, shredded and pickled carrot, radish, chopped jalapeño and a sprig of fresh cilantro. The bunless bowl starts with a five-grain blend and is topped with shredded and pickled carrot, radish, Asian slaw, chopped jalapeño, sausage slices, cilantro and a drizzle of Sister’s Sriracha sauce. At Sausage Sister & Me, $8. Takes CC, 8am-9pm.

Trust in your sausage sisters, they know you well. I love that you can get this as a bun or a bowl, and I also love that you can add sauces and squizzles that you want at the end. Add more Sriracha? Amp it up! Drown it in mayo? You do you. Skip the cilantro? You have an enzyme problem, but I got nothing but love for you.

Who will give it 👍: People with palates, those that are done with the insipid fried stick-dog wars, pro-humans that know how to play that toppings game.

Who will give it 👎: Those that think you shouldn’t have a salad on your sausage, ketchup fans, purists looking for a paté level.

Blue Raspberry Blitzed: Traditional hand pie filled with a raspberry, blueberry and apple blend infused with UV Blue Vodka and topped with cotton candy sugar. At Sara’s Tipsy Pies, $7. Open 8am-9pm.

These tipsy pies are perfect on a cooler day when you want to tuck into a warm pastry. So many good options on her list, this year’s blue razz are made with Blue UV Vodka, which might hold some unfortunate college memories for some.

Who will give it 👍: Pie lovers, people who appreciate blue food, those who drank wisely in college.

Who will give it 👎: People looking for actual booze to pour out of the pie, those who hold faith in pie slices over pie pockets.

Cucumber Jalapeño Limeade: Limeade made with juiced Minnesota-grown cucumbers and jalapeño syrup, served with a cucumber slice. At Farmers Union Coffee Shop, $7.50. Takes CC. 

It’s fresh and fantastic! Just a boost of spice, but nicely cuts through whatever you’ve been eating or are about to eat.

Who will give it 👍: Drinkers taking a break from slushees and beer, sober cats looking for more than water, eaters strolling around to make gut space for the next eat.

Who will give it 👎: Citizens who care if they have green things in their teeth, friends of citizens who won’t tell them there are green things in their teeth and just let them walk all around the fair like that all day, Jim.

Bonus Food: Farmers Union BLT. The Kernza BLT from last year, but with an egg and off-menu Hmong Chili sauce. Farmers Union Coffee Shop, $14. Takes CC. 

Sleeper secret hit of the day. Yes, it’s the BLT on Kernza bread from last year, but she got fancy. There’s an egg option folks, and that is one runny beautiful egg slicking over the wickedly fresh tomatoes and thick bacon. BUT WAIT: here’s the move, you have to ask for the Hmong chili sauce in addition. It’s a legit add, and it whips this party up. I am coming back with my own money for this one.

Who will give it 👍: Breakfast sandwich luvuhs, eggists, farmers who only really grow basil in a pot at their house.

Who will give it 👎: People who buy those sad hard boiled eggs wrapped in plastic at the store on a regular basis.

Greek Stuffed Ravioli: Mediterranean pastry dough stuffed with cream cheese, tzatziki sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini, tomato, gyro meat and Dino’s Greek seasoning, deep-fried and drizzled with roasted garlic butter. At Dino’s Gyros, $7.

These are trashy decadent. Like when you eat Ranch Dressing at home but would never order it out. These are little fried pockets filled with, for a lack of a better phrase, creamy meat. Yes, there is cream cheese in there with the gyro, and the whole business is fried and then doused in garlic butter. Woof, that’s rich.

Who will give it 👍: Single people who only cook for themselves and therefore eat what they want (yeah, be jealous), cream cheese fans, anyone singing Sweet Caroline at Dino’s for the third time that night.

Who will give it 👎: Ranch snooties, people who like balance to their food, those who have already eaten a lot and might be pushed over the edge.

Kerala Fried Chicken Kati Roll: Marinated, battered and fried chicken tenders wrapped in paratha (layered flatbread) with chutneys and slaw. At Hot Indian, $12. Takes CC, 8am – 9pm.

That’s a pretty massive chicken situation we have going on here. You’d think the chutneys and the slaw would be the story, but it’s really the thin paratha flat bread wrapping. It’s such the right vehicle to hold this, more savory and pliable than a tortilla, with 10 times the flavor and slight crispness that brings its own texture, instead of just being a sleeping bag for your bird

Who will give it 👍: Burrito fans, chicken fans, chutney fans, devotees of slaw.

Who will give it 👎: Chipotle rewards points holders, people who think fried chicken has to have maple syrup or hot sauce on it.

Paneer Pakora: Seasoned paneer cheese cubes fried in a gluten-free batter and served with tomato butter. (Gluten-free, vegetarian) At Hot Indian, $8

Fried cheese is the only Fair theme day I wish to explore. These little nugs of spiced cheese bites, in a sturdier chickpea batter than the typical curd, are worth your dip into the fragrant tomato sauce.

Who will give it 👍: People who follow Dara, those on a cheese quest, people who are so over debating all the other curds and need a position of power, the indomitable.

Who will give it 👎: Mouth Trap acolytes who crave only the barest of coatings, people who need a cheese pull for their TikTok.

La Floretta: Oven-roasted cauliflower florets seasoned with Iron Range herbs and spices and served with Calabrian sweet chili sauce. (Gluten-free, vegan) At Mancini’s al Fresco, $7.50 

That is cauliflower, that’s for sure. Oven roasted even. Ok, it feels like Mancini’s is trying to apologize for being so beefy and sausagey all the time. But I say: stay in your lane man, your neighbors at French Meadow balance you out! These were just barely fine.

Who will give it 👍: Some vegetarians (but not the one on my team).

Who will give it 👎: Some vegetarians.

S’Mores Funnel Cake: Graham cracker funnel cake topped with marshmallow, milk chocolate chunks and more graham cracker bits. At Funnel Cakes, $7.

Honestly I kinda fell in love with this little family stand, which is run by the parents and kids. Sam is the 8 year old who is finally old enough to work in the stand and he has mad math skills. Also this is a funnel cake topped with marshmallow and chocolate. You already know if you’re going to get it or not.

Who will give it 👍: Mathematicians and Fibonacci fans, people who can’t do s’mores in their backyard firepits due to drought and need that feeling.  

Who will give it 👎: People who hate fun, mean folks that make their kids do homework before having a s’more.

ChoriPop: Chorizo by The Herbivorous Butcher dipped in a classic corndog batter, deep-fried on-a-stick with choice of avocado salsa or mole sauce drizzled on top or on the side. Served with Mexican BBQ chips. (Vegan) (Aug. 26-31 only).  Midtown Global Market’s Andy’s Garage, $8.

These are vegan shockers. Just as meaty as you’d think a fried pop of chorizo would be. It would be easy to trick someone into thinking it’s not vegan. The green sauce is the way to go.

Who will give it 👍: Vegans, people who swear they’re not vegan but eat off of their vegan pal’s plates all the time, meat eaters who want to break their brains.

Who will give it 👎: Meat monks, people afraid of change.

Bonus Food: Deep Fried Tamale. Chicken or cheese tamales that are deep-fried.  Midtown Global Market’s Andy’s Garage, 2/$7. Takes CC.

Let’s just never stop deep-frying tamales, deal? Breaking into the chicken one was like perfect balance of masa and protein. But then getting to the cheese-filled tamale was like Christmas morning, all gifts and things you never hoped to ask for: crispness, softness, cheesiness, corniness.

Who will give it 👍: Good people, givers, citizens who will bring your garbage cans in from the end of the driveway when they know you’re out of town.

Who will give it 👎: People looking for corn husks, people who have strict rules of how tamales fit into their lives.

Bonus Food: Horchata Milkshake at Midtown Global Market’s Andy’s Garage, $7.

This is a cinnamon ice cream milk shake with little churros in it, and it is flippin’ delicious. If you are sad there’s not official Dairy Building shake this year, get over and get one of these. 

Fudge & Fruit: Fresh strawberries and fudge brownies dipped in wine-infused dark chocolate, drizzled with wine-infused white chocolate and served on-a-stick. At Minnesota Wine Country, $7. Takes CC. 

Chocolate dipped fruit skewered between hunks of fudgy brownie. For what it was, it was what you’d think it was. If this is your jam, it’s your jam.

Who will give it 👍: Bachelorette parties, people who call each other “luvuh”, the 1980’s.

Who will give it 👎: Divorced people, anyone who’s ever had to cater a party with dipped strawberries.

New Vendor: Auntie M’s Gluten free corn dogs, funnel cakes, and cheese curds. At Auntie M’s Gluten Free, located on the south side of Judson Avenue between Nelson & Underwood streets, at Adventure Park. $6

We got a GF corndog and it was just great. Dara loved the other stuff. 

Who will give it 👍: GF eaters dancing in the street, non-GF eaters who don’t want to wait in other lines, people who smell good food and end up at the truck.

Who will give it 👎: Pronto Pup purists, conspiracy theorists.

Bison Bites: A North Woods spin on ravioli with ground bison, braised fennel, portobello mushrooms and fresh basil wrapped in classic egg dough, deep-fried and served with a sweet bourbon sauce with a little kick. At Giggles’ Campfire Grill, $8.75. Takes CC, 8am to post-fireworks.

These little crispy squares stuffed with bison meat seem like a good snack for the beer garden set. But it would be hard to pass up duck wontons for these. Not sure they were complex enough that I would trek for these specifically, but there were good.

Who will give it 👍: Meatzers who love bison but never cook it themselves, drinkers who need something fast and protein rich, the guy ahead of me in line who had to “actually it’s tatanka” the 17 year old cashier.

Who will give it 👎: That cashier (probably), people looking for a more than a snack.

Island Hopper: Hollowed-out half-pineapple filled with charbroiled chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with steamy white rice and pineapple chunks, topped with green onions and sesame seeds. At The Hangar, $12. Takes CC. 

Well, it’s a big ol’ pineapple carved out and stuffed with stuff. The teriyaki glaze on the chicken wasn’t overpowering, it was pretty tasty and simple. The rice was nicely cooked and the pineapple chunks were good. It doesn’t immediately strike me as “fair food” but it was a lot of clean food in a place that has tended to gild the lily in past years.

Who will give it 👍: GF eaters, Teriyaki of the Month members, people who have pineapple wallpaper, humans tired of fried foods.

Who will give it 👎: People who have broken up with individuals over pineapple wallpaper, those looking for the razzamatazz of sticks and dipped fried things.

Pizza Lucy: Sausage patty topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, stuffed in homemade Green Mill pizza dough, and topped with Italian seasonings, cheese and crumbled pepperoni. At Green Mill, $7.

This is one of those you had to check yourself: am I really liking this? Because I think I was? It’s a big ol sausage patty with cheese and pepperoni wrapped in dough. It’s essentially a calzone, a mini calzone. It’s kind of kid food, and kind of hot stoner food.

Who will give it 👍: Gummy chewers coming off that big ferris wheel, kids, Ben Wyatt.

Who will give it 👎: People looking for a technical Lucy (cheese is not inside the patty, just the pocket), travelers who have recently been in Italy.

Sashimi Tuna Tacos: Crisp wonton shells filled with ahi tuna, avocado and sesame soy. Thai slaw with peanut dressing, pickled ginger and wasabi served on the side. At Scenic 61 by New Scenic Café, just south of Little Farm Hands, $15.

There’s a new slide in town, but it’s just for these tacos. The New Scenic airstream is slick, with the kitchen in the back chuting those tuna tacos right down to you. I loved the fresh take on this, I love sashimi tuna, the wonton was crisp as hell, and the avocado was super fresh.

Who will give it 👍: Sushi pals, fearless fish eaters, seekers of the fresh bite, the 1990’s.

Who will give it 👎: The fish fearful eaters, people with feelings about what makes a taco, righteously rigid fair food fanatics.

New Vendor: Baba’s Hummus Bowls A variety of hummus bowls, including Hummus bi lahme (minced beef shawarma, lemon sauce, parsley, pine nuts, sumac); Chili Baba (garlic chili oil, kimchi, scallions, za’atar); Falafelicious (falafel, fried eggplant, warm chickpeas, pickled cabbage, Arabic pickles, tahini, sumac); Dilly Dilly (dill pickle hummus, dill pickles, cheese curds, crispy onions; Truffle (truffle hummus, roasted wild mushrooms, pine nuts); Baba Gone Wild (create your own); and more. Located just south of Little Farm Hands, $11-$12. Takes CC. 

Hummus bowls, who knew we were missing hummus bowls made in a bright and rocking trailer? I’d say build your own if you know what you like, but The Bougie bowl was really delish, as was the Spicy bowl with kimchi. The little pita breads were great dippers, and I thought this was a fun share. I would skip the dill/cheese curd one, a bit schticky and not as good as the others.

Who will give it 👍: Vegetarians for some, GFs for others, people who love to tell you about the amazing hummus they make at home, All. The. YouTubers.

Who will give it 👎: Eaters who need to have a stick or sandwich construct to understand things, people who have never just eaten dip for dinner, the hummusphobic.

New Vendor: Spinning Wylde. More than 30 dye-free and natural flavors of handspun cotton candy clouds made with organic cane sugar. Sprinkles and cookie/toppings bar optional. Glow cones and glow buckets of cotton candy available at dusk. Also offering fresh-pressed watermelon juice garnished with a watermelon gummy skewer and an edible straw. Located just south of Little Farm Hands. Takes CC, 9am-11pm.

How do you not love some Purple Rain cotton candy with sprinkles? Or some fresh pressed watermelon juice with gummies as garnish? It’s all natural sweetness with these kids, the flavors are pure, and you will never get a whiff of chemical add-ins. Plus, the cutest place on our planet currently.

Who will give it 👍: Anyone with a heart and soul.

Who will give it 👎: Well, you know what that leaves ….

New Vendor: Solem Concessions Brand-new blueberry mini donuts, plus classic cheese curds in Cajun (new to the fair!), ranch, garlic and original flavors. Located on the east side of Underwood Street between Murphy & Lee avenues.

Blueberry Mini Donuts: Loved the idea of these, and they are cute when you pull them open. I don’t think I’d house a full bag like I would the regulars, maybe that’s a good thing? I thought I would like them more. $6

Who will give it 👍: Violet Beauregard, people who can stand to be in Bath & Body Works for more than 10 minutes.

Who will give it 👎: Tom Thumbers, people who need to try to beat their companions to the last one in the bag.

Cheese Curd Bucket: Those curds are fine curds, and this is a bucket meant for sharing as there are a lot in there. They dust the curds with flavor powder before frying them. The fry is good, the flavors are subtle. Not sure I’d pass up my regulars for this, but if I was in the area and needed curds I would get the regular or garlic. $18

Who will give it 👍: Flavor agnostic curd nerds, fairgoers who need curds before hitting the Home Depot booth across the street.

Who will give it 👎: Curd obsessives, brand loyalists,  people who would still engage about that cheese curd booth that left a few years ago.