May 16, 2022


Shopping Works Wonders

Oscar Mayer’s new bologna face mask: New $5 skincare mask

If you are a chilly-lower lover, a single of the most dividing debates is no matter if to connect with your sandwich a “hero” or a “sub” — we’ll go away that unanswered. On the other hand, there’s an even meatier subject at hand: Do you put bologna on your confront?

Positive, if you are a cafeteria kid poking holes in your bologna to make a face you might have been foolish more than enough to do. But apparently, that is not just reserved for the kids any more.

Oscar Mayer’s new Bologna Hydrogel Sheet Face Mask on Amazon, though that contains no meat, is a person of the buzzworthy, unpredicted matters to arrive out of 2022 — and we’re not even three weeks in.

We assumed we’d be worn out of listening to about masks soon after the seeking pandemic-ridden several years we have faced (read: ideal KF94 masks) but, for $5, it is a mask that certainly wowed us.

So, what’s in this bologna-motivated mask? While we ended up scouring the supermarket for real Oscar Mayer bologna, the enterprise was driving the scenes mixing witch hazel botanicals, collagens to safeguard, hydrate, lock in moisture and market pores and skin elasticity.

Appears like a delicacy? That is due to the fact it is.

And, in accordance to Oscar Meyer — this is a meat yo’self mask, not just one particular to handle on your own.