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Are you an knowledgeable jeweller who is effective with gemstones and stone environment strategies each individual day? Or are you just starting off out and finding to know different styles of setting? Where ever you are in your jewellery-producing occupation, this Preciosa stone setting information will assistance you use new stone location procedures with assurance and extend on your expertise foundation of more complex gemstone options.

At Cooksongold, we have lately partnered up with Preciosa and are now official stockists of Preciosa Wonderful Jewellery Stones. This usually means we’re in this article to assist, no matter if you need to have to stock up on vibrant gemstones in different cuts or extend on your information of how to established stones employing new approaches. What better prospect to master how to deliver correctly crafted options with our new Preciosa gemstones range?

Aiding you fantastic Preciosa stone location methods

As a jeweller who is used to functioning with precious steel, you might want to experiment with new cuts and unfamiliar stone settings. Probably you are at a position where you want to do the job on bezel options in additional element, or you merely want to find out additional about CNC setting methods? So let us get to operate. Here’s how you can start out performing with Preciosa Great Jewellery Stones, integrating them with your personal items and making use of your have model to each individual new gemstone you use.

Bezel location

The bezel placing is quite possibly one particular of the most commonly made use of stone options in jewelry creating, as it gives a secure way of placing many forms of stone, and can easily be conquered by newbies using pre-lower bezel for easy cabochon stones.

What is a bezel location?

A bezel location is designed making use of a strip of steel that encloses the gemstone inside of it, revealing the top of the stone with a small collar of steel holding it in place. Bezel is the metallic strip that encases the gemstone that you’re doing work with and often resembles a cup shape, in which your stone will be established.

Distinctive types of bezel setting

  • Entire bezel location – when the gemstone is completely enclosed in just the bezel strip and only the top of the stone is noticeable
  • Partial or 50 % bezel placing – wherever the metallic strip does not thoroughly enclose the gemstone but leaves some of it far more open and visible
  • Open backed bezel – suitable for pendant function exactly where just about every side of the gemstone is seen but the steel strip wraps about the edges of the stone
  • Hammer set bezel – when gemstones are an irregular condition hammering may be an easier way of encasing it in the bezel strip

How to bezel established a gemstone from the Preciosa collection

If you are environment Preciosa gemstones by hand, you are going to want to just take a agency maintain on the bezel or collet (steel cup) applying tweezers or flat nose pliers. Keep in mind to use a unfastened but strong grip so that the metallic is not misshapen as you work. Spot the Preciosa gemstone inside of the metallic cup utilizing your tweezers. Once you’re delighted with the position of the gemstone you can then near the cup shut working with a bezel roller or your desired hand location resource.

If you’re exploring various environment tactics and would like to truly get to know the ins and outs of building correct bezel set items, you may want to experiment with both equally pre-made bezels and Do-it-yourself bezels. The most important matter to try to remember when producing bezel set types is that the stone you’re using need to in shape snugly in the bezel. The stone may well have some place, but it need to be firmly in spot so that it has no chance of coming unfastened and dropping out of the environment.

Are you just starting off to experiment with stone location techniques? Use our manual on how to bezel established a cabochon stone to get you begun – this will help you to master simple soldering and environment procedures that you can create on as you go on to play close to with new gemstone cuts and special settings.

Why pick bezel set stones?

Several people today pick out to use bezel configurations for jewellery creating, no matter whether they are functioning on rings, pendants or earrings, as this form of environment supplies the stone with far more protection than other individuals. A prong setting, the place the stone is more exposed, is a lot more most likely to catch on garments and become scratched or destroyed. The trade off with a bezel placing is that less of the stone is noticeable after it’s been established in location. This probably helps make it a a lot less appealing glance in specific styles. For case in point, a Preciosa cubic zirconia in a high excellent, faceted marquise lower may possibly be superior introduced applying a prong environment system so that its shape and clarity can be admired from all angles.

Prong setting

Also acknowledged as a claw environment, the prong location is a well-known location method when it arrives to performing with gemstones of increased value (it’s exceptional for engagement ring experts to disguise an intricately lower diamond in a bezel placing!). As the gemstone can be viewed from all angles it permits extra light to hit the stone, move by, and illuminate it in all its brilliance.

What is a prong environment?

A prong placing is distinguished from the bezel location by its claws or prongs that are made use of to maintain the gemstone in position. There are quite a few prong settings you could arrive across and every single may perhaps vary in the amount of money of prongs utilised, from two to three, 4, or six prongs. The prong placing implies that considerably less metallic is made use of to take care of the gemstone in put, leaving the gemstone table exposed, earning it the focal position of the jewellery.

Diverse forms of prong environment

  • Four-prong/compass location – when the four prongs maintain the central gemstone in position at the north, east, south, and west details of the stone.
  • Basket environment – exactly where the wire prongs (generally six to twelve) sort an open framework producing a basket-like form in which the gemstones will sit.
  • V-shaped/peg head prong environment – when a gemstone’s condition necessitates a minor additional place, the v-shaped location offers the best posture and glance for far more pointed styles these types of as marquise, pear and oval cuts.

How to make a prong placing for use with Preciosa Wonderful Jewelry Stones

Start out by positioning a very little stress on the prongs so that you can tease them out. This will assistance you area the gemstone into the prongs at the suitable depth. If the gemstone is not fitting into spot accurately you might need to use a burr to remove some of the important metallic so that the stone sits at the correct level.

Now the stone sits at a acceptable depth you will have to build if the prongs are long more than enough to firmly keep the stone in put but not so very long that they hit the table of the gemstone. Some trimming might be essential. At this phase it’s quite a great deal trial and error, so make certain you function in modest increments so that you really don’t over-trim the prongs and have to get started the entire method again. Don’t forget to get rid of the gemstone every single time you trim or file the prongs so that you are not probable to problems the gemstone in the method.

Now you have trimmed the prongs down, you can slash a groove in the prongs with a needle file, serving to the girdle of the gemstone sit firm and level in the environment. Next stage is to file the prongs down – this will make it easier to manipulate the metal. Now thrust the prongs into spot so that the gemstone is firmly secured and the prongs are flush with the gemstone.

Why decide on prong options?

Prong options are, in simple fact, a expense-effective approach of environment many gemstones in location. If you are at the level exactly where you’re generating your own prong settings you may perhaps be equipped to use leftover precious steel sheet or wire to develop your prong placing. With time and follow the total you use will develop into smaller, saving you cash on acquiring pre-created prong settings. It will also help you to place your very own stamp on the parts that you’re doing the job on, encouraging you to strengthen your craft and stone location strategy in the system.

Channel setting

A common function on engagement ring models, channel established diamonds are an further flourish to rings that insert more sparkle. Mastering channel set gemstones will suggest doing work with more compact stones in depth and perfecting the generation of the channel while getting the top of just about every stone particularly the similar for the most effective possible end.

What is channel placing?

A channel setting is when small gemstones are suspended in a row working with a channel made from two metallic strips. Each and every stone should really have an person seat so that they are at a reliable height across the channel. A channel setting can element as small or as several gemstones as wished-for, and can be an added element to an engagement ring or eternity ring.

How to channel established gemstones

When embarking on making a ring with channel set gemstones the most important detail to try to remember is to accurately get the job done on the development of the seat exactly where each and every stone will sit. Making use of a rotary chopping resource, the seats will have to have to be precisely fashioned so that each and every one matches the sizing of the stone. Every single stone should really also sit side by facet, girdle to girdle, so that they look to sit seamlessly as soon as the piece is finished. As the gemstones are put into put the sidewalls of the channel can then be manipulated to firmly hold it in position. In buy to correctly manipulate the placing wall, a handheld affect hammer need to be utilized – this will simply glide in excess of the steel, pushing it into place with out harmful the stone.

Receiving to know how to set gemstones is a time-consuming course of action that will consider time to fantastic, primarily as you begin using distinct Preciosa Fine Jewelry Stones with unique cuts. But it is time nicely expended. Devote in some substantial quality stone location applications and start experimenting with the higher than approaches – you are going to shortly be prepared to delight your customers with new patterns.

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