September 20, 2021


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Privy Peach Wins Innovative Product of the Year for One of the First All-Natural and Latex-Compatible CBD Infused Sexual Health and Wellness Products on the Market

Press Launch

current: Sep 9, 2021

Privy Peach’s flagship Hydro Glide Relief just gained Impressive Products of the Year.

Stacked towards 450 other impressive items from equally the CBD place and standard retail, this award from White Label Entire world Expo is no modest factor for Kim Koehler and the Privy Peach group.

“I cannot don’t forget wherever I first heard of the principle of CBD infused lube, but I started inquiring about,” claims Koehler on the founding of her model “The consensus was obvious cannabis could increase intercourse, so I established out to generate a purely natural CBD topical product made specially for folks with sensitivities.”

Hydro Glide was introduced when people today who beloved Privy Peach’s CBD-infused Intimate Oil wanted a condom-compatible products, or a coconut-absolutely free item, for these with allergies.

Then arrived the problem of figuring out how to dissolve and stabilize 250 mg of CBD into h2o-dependent personal serum when CBD is not drinking water-soluble. Right after two a long time of demo formulations, Hydro Glide Relief was born. Alongside, Hydro Glide Sensation Enhancing Spray was also launched. 

The award-winning reduction item has a method that is:

• Body-secure, non-irritating, hypoallergenic

• A minimum range of ultra-cleanse elements

• Drinking water-based and latex-helpful

• A  CBD concentration that was higher adequate to be powerful

• Just the suitable volume of glide

• With a pleasurable scent and taste

A products absolutely free of: propylene glycol, THC oil, paraben, glycerin, liquor, glycol, petrochemicals, silicone,  or artificial coloring. Hydro Glide is made up of only: Aloe Vera Gel, H2o Nano Fractionalized CBD, Ionized H2o, Normal Vanilla Flavors, Plant-Primarily based Starch.

Privy Peach’s Hydro Glide Relief, together with Hydro Glide Sensation Spray, started out hitting shelves in January of 2021, and it’s presently a winner. Privy Peach’s colorful and modern style and design will make it a excellent product or service for any sort of retail store, not just CBD outlets. The goal is to be on the shelves in Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, City Outfitters CVS and further than by year’s end.

 About Privy Peach

Kim Koehler designed Privy Peach to enable gals reach comfort and satisfaction by way of her CBD solutions. In addition to this current honor, she has also been stated on the Forbes Top Business owners to View list. For far more facts, visit

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