Steve Dadlani, owner of football merch shop at Peninsula Shopping Centre, dies at 78 – Mothership.SG


Steve Dadlani, the proprietor of La Vanita, has passed away at 78.&#13

La Vanita is a soccer clothing and collectibles keep that opened in 1972 at Peninsula Buying Centre.&#13

Picture from Gary George on Fb.

It was launched by Dadlani.&#13

Dadlani passed away not too long ago on July 13, 2022, at the age of 78.&#13

La Vanita also utilised to be the area to go for rock songs memorabilia.&#13

Bandwagon identified as La Vanita the “landmark venue in Singapore’s rock music scene”.&#13

The post added that Dadlani was an “endearing figure” and was “integral to the self-expression of rock music fans through trend”.&#13

Remembered fondly

Following the information of his passing, patrons of La Vanita available their condolences on the web.&#13

Some thanked him for his guidance and direction, whilst other folks remembered him for his warm friendship.[0]=AZUsZrKqQx2SW52wGA0Xw60oVnVlJI6twZuYpBh3l3qqu21OnMR88tDbZoonTuq79WGOcKZIWRyvDw12lSNK6CeAWFkTUPvkAdkORM2QzFxkqC-TNd5sVo-TTawclgT8Pzo&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-RMajor picture from @lavanitastore on Instagram and Gary George on Fb.


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