Coronavirus: Australia’s death toll rises as global fatalities exceed 112,000

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More than half of the 6335 Australians who have contracted COVID-19 have fully recovered, Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed.

Fewer than 250 Australians are in hospitals nationwide, with 81 in ICUs and 35 on ventilators.

Mr Hunt said he was pleased the national figures had “reduced and now stabilised”, meaning all seriously sick patients would get the care they needed.

He also praised Australians after only 13 per cent of normal traffic was recorded from Thursday to Saturday.

The data for Easter Sunday has yet to be released but Mr Hunt said Australia was “now beginning to see a consolidated flattening of the curve.”

“I couldn’t be more impressed, more honoured, and more heartened by the work of Australians over the Easter weekend and in the weeks before. This has a real consequence

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