This Gap ‘camp shirt’ looks similar to an Auschwitz uniform

A cringe-deserving “camp shirt” being bought on some Hole online retailers appears like it would in good shape suitable in at a Nazi concentration camp.

The pale blue- and white-striped cotton T-shirt is getting slammed on social media for resembling the uniforms worn at Auschwitz.

“So @Hole produced a white-and-grey vast-striped shirt that reminded me of concentration camp uniforms even right before they referred to as it a “Camp Shirt.” I never know if there is anything I’m lacking in this article, but this reads exceptionally wrong to me,” tweeted @ninastoessinger.

Hole seems to have altered the title from “camp shirt” to “striped shirt” on some online store just after the backlash.

Hole Canada was however contacting it a camp shirt Thursday evening and customer’s blasted the company’s site–giving the shirt a just one star ranking along with a barrage of indignant critiques.

“The design appears particularly like concentration camp

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