Global brands find it hard to untangle themselves from Xinjiang cotton, Retail News, ET Retail

Confronted with accusations that it was profiting from the forced labor of Uyghur men and women in the Chinese territory of Xinjiang, the H&M Team — the world’s next-major outfits retailer — promised previous year to end purchasing cotton from the region.

But previous month, H&M confronted a new outcry, this time from Chinese shoppers who seized on the company’s renouncement of the cotton as an assault on China. Social media stuffed with angry demands for a boycott, urged on by the govt. Worldwide makes like H&M risked alienating a region of 1.four billion men and women.

The furor underscored how intercontinental outfits makes relying on Chinese products and factories now confront the mom of all conundrums — a conflict vastly far more sophisticated than their now-acquainted reputational crises about exploitative operating problems in lousy countries.

If they fail to purge Xinjiang cotton from their source chains, the clothing companies

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