Garment exporters face yarn shortage, prices shoot up, Retail News, ET Retail

Chennai: A mix of variables — US ban on Chinese cotton, a unexpected surge in orders for garments, more stocking up, amplified exports to Tirupur’s opponents which includes Vietnam and Bangladesh — have resulted in yarn scarcity for garments exporters.

The circumstance is so grim for exporters that Tirupur Exporters Affiliation (TEA) has pressed the SOS button alleging that mills ended up withholding yarn materials impacting the export business. “The present-day conclusion of mills will absolutely impact the garment models, exports will largely be affected and more number of staff will incur position losses,” TEA’s president Raja M Shanmugam wrote in the letter. “After the US imposed a ban on Chinese yarn, garment models from Vietnam and Bangladesh (opponents for Tirupur) have began sourcing from Indian mills. We do not head a value boost, but non source is producing a havoc,” he instructed TOI. The US administration has banned the

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