UK abolishes ‘tampon tax’ on menstrual products

Jan ’21

Pic: Shutterstock

The British govt recently abolished the tampon tax, honouring its March commitment to take out price-additional tax (VAT) on women’s sanitary items. Chancellor of the exchequer Rishi Sunak claimed he was ‘proud’ the govt had shipped on its promise, introducing that it is providing cost-free sanitary items in schools, schools and hospitals.

But Laura Coryton, who started off the Quit Taxing Periods campaign in May possibly 2014 as a university student, accused the govt of using the situation as a political football, immediately after politicians claimed it had been scrapped thanks to Brexit. Existing European Union regulation prevented member states from minimizing VAT below 5 for every cent.

“It is a day for celebration today, but it is just disheartening that the tampon tax is getting utilised as a political football in conditions of Brexit,” she was quoted as stating by Uk media stories.


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