The Best Smart Casual Dressing Guide You’ll Ever Read

Striving to obtain the legitimate meaning of the phrase intelligent casual can immediately transform into a nightmare. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “neat, standard, nevertheless fairly casual in fashion, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress code”. But these days it’s really typical for intelligent casual to be the dress code.

So you go on the internet to lookup for intelligent casual fashion guides that variously counsel all the things from shorts, which don’t strike us as especially intelligent, to Ascot ties, which don’t occur above as specially casual. And as the latter signifies, many of these guides come to feel like they were being set in stone soon right after the ten commandments. What ever intelligent casual indicates, it’s most likely to be some thing unique today than it was in the starch-collared nineteenth century.

“Smart casual is destined to be a single of individuals conditions

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