May 19, 2022


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The Best BJJ Takedowns

The 3 Best BJJ Takedowns For Beginners | Evolve Daily

There are many different types of takedowns in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but which are the best BJJ takedowns? The answer to this question depends on the situation, as well as your level of expertise, but there are some universal techniques that will work against almost any opponent. Read on to learn about the best BJJ takedowns, whether you’re new to the martial art or an expert practitioner who wants to learn more.

Clinch Takedown

The clinch takedown is a fairly simple way to quickly get your opponent to his back. With it, you hook one of his legs with your foot, then spin around and pull him over. The key to pulling off a successful clinch takedown is hooking your opponent’s leg—if you don’t do that, he can easily pull himself back and break free.

Double Leg Takedown

The Double Leg Takedown is a great all-around move for novices and advanced grapplers alike. It’s simple, effective, and readily available in most jiu-jitsu classes. It’s best used when facing your opponent on his or her feet; if you attempt it while they’re on their knees, you run a high risk of injuring yourself by running headfirst into their knee or kicking them in their shin.

Judo Throw

Judo, an Olympic sport since 1964, has long been one of Japan’s most popular martial arts. This is primarily due to its emphasis on stand-up grappling as opposed to striking and throwing techniques. However, judo retains several throws and takedowns, such as o-uchi gari (major inner reap), that are great for MMA fighters and jiu-jitsu practitioners. With a similar hand position as a regular leg trip, o-uchi gari works best when your opponent is stepping forward with his right foot; you use his momentum against him by rotating clockwise on your hips so that you throw him with his leg.

Single Leg Takedown

The Single Leg Takedown is one of my favorite BJJ takedowns. It’s easy to learn, simple to use, and extremely effective. Learn how to do it here. This takedown is a must for anyone who grapples or trains MMA. Learning how to execute a single leg in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be tricky, but with practice you’ll get good at it quickly. Here are some tips on using a single leg as an attack in jiu-jitsu! A single leg takedowns is also called a Single Leg Attack. An alternate name used by Judo practitioners is Sasae Otoshi , translated literally as Shaking Drop. Many times only one foot (the standing foot) will be used to pull off this throw; however, both feet may be used if necessary.

Guillotine Throw

The guillotine throw is a simple, fast takedown that requires little energy. This move works when your opponent is pressuring you and forces him to expose his neck and upper back, giving you an opportunity to land on top of him in full mount. To execute it, use your left arm to pull down on his head from behind, lifting his chin upward toward your right hand. Your left hand then snakes under his chin into position for a guillotine choke. Once in full mount (with your knees on either side of his chest), quickly flatten your body against him while squeezing and pulling up with both hands to force his head forward and down until he taps out or goes unconscious.