Things to Know About Concealed Carry Holsters

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If you have been approved for a concealed carry license and have chosen your weapon, your next step is to choose a concealed carry holster. These holsters (e.g., a concealed ankle holster) differ from others in that their purpose is to hide your weapon. Therefore, they must be secured to your body and easy to use.

Cost Matters

Although you shouldn’t purchase the most inexpensive holster you find, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive either. Holster prices may vary significantly. Some of the cheaper holsters may be made out of lighter, weaker materials and may not fit snug to your body. You can also spend a significant amount on custom-made holsters that are no more secure than a good-quality, less expensive model. In addition, custom-made holsters may take weeks or months to produce.

Expect The Uncomfortable

Initially, your holster may feel uncomfortable. Because you are not used to carrying a weapon, the weight and bulk may not feel right. In addition, if your handgun or holster has sharp edges, you will feel these as you move.

Your Wardrobe Determines Your Holster

You want to be comfortable and not change your entire appearance the moment you start carrying. Therefore, you should look over your wardrobe before deciding how to carry your weapon and what holsters to purchase. Several different holsters can be purchased to go with different types of clothing. For example, you would not wear an ankle holster with skinny jeans.

Some wardrobe changes may be necessary, however. For example, you may need to purchase clothing that is a bit looser or in heavier fabrics because lightweight fabrics may reveal anything under your clothing. Also, patterns tend to disguise bulk. In addition, if you are wearing an inside the waistband holster, you may have to purchase pants in a larger size.

Whether you choose a kyndex or leather holster, choose one that fits your body style and wardrobe. Expect it to be uncomfortable, especially at first, and don’t break the bank when you purchase your holster.