Top 2 Bridal Lehenga Styled Just For You

The most important part of the shopping for a bride is the lehenga that she will wear on the most auspicious and life changing day of her life. Obviously! You just can’t settle in anything less to be the world’s most beautiful woman in that bridal costume. And to have to make a choice out of thousands to select that one favourite piece you’ve always dreamt of is really a tough one. So, let me help to make it easier for you having introduced some word-class varieties you must not miss to check out while you go out to buy bridal lehenga.

Lehengas are sold to the customers with a perspective of body shape of the bride-to-be. The apple shape means if you got a top-heavy body, the pear shape means if you have a bottom-heavy body, an hour-glass shape means if you carry a toned belly and a rectangle shape refers to a slim and athletic body type.

Now that you’ve already got a hint, let us see the top two lehenga styles that suit your body.

  1. Everything Is Flare In Wedding And Functions – Single/ Double/Triple or Panelled Flare

They are very popular for their circular swirls and also usually are known as the circular style of lehenga. The broad flares add high amount of volume to the dress and it becomes twice the same if you choose it in double flare. It is stitched out of smooth and soothing material with heavy work near the waist line and borders while the fancy hangings on the side catches the attention towards the bride.

It can be put upon by any body type.

However don’t get confused between these flares and the panelled ones. It has many horizontal pleats of the fabrics gathered to create a total flare of the lehenga increasing the overall volume.

Recommended for pear shaped, petite body and an hour-glass body type!

  1. Kali or a Skew-Whiff Beauty

If you want a simply decent and slimmer look, these panel length lehenga choli is your taste. Styled up with kalis in one or more fabrics and worked with richness on the spacious borders.

Ladies with pear, apple or an hour glass body type looks amazing in this bridal wear.

But if you want something magnificent, the fashion designers turn their magic wands to create a bridal memory stitched out in amazing design and fabric just for you. The asymmetric layouts of the designer lehenga stand out from rest of the pieces because unlike others, they don’t have the panels.

It steals the show with the curvature drapes or pleats attached to the panel on waist line reflecting a mixed up look. They are simple too but the cut-outs of the fabrics are put together in a way that it requires no extra work or border. How it won’t be trending! Beauty!

A must suggest for the women with rectangle shape, rest it is ideally fit for any body type.

No matter what body type you may be, remember “You are absolutely sensational!”