Useful Tips for Decorating Your Home with Secondhand Furniture

Secondhand furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years whether that is because of the ever-rising cost of living, climate change concerns or a mixture of both. People have now become more conscious about the items they purchase and how to best upcycle in today’s world, which is why there are now smarter and easier ways you can do that. 

Buying your first home or redecorating an existent one can turn out to be rather costly so if you are planning either one of those, you might feel a bit pressured and concerned about your budget. Perhaps buying items second hand may have been perceived as being less financially healthy back in the days but in today’s hectic times, it has even become trendy. Being able to give a new life to a piece of furniture and nourish it can be rather exciting and fulfilling. 

However, it may not always be easy to upcycle everything and choosing the right pieces of secondhand furniture as well as knowing how to transform them into modern ones is a skill. That is why here at House Sales Direct, we have gathered a few useful tips and tricks on how to best decorate your home with secondhand furniture and important things to consider along the way. 

Look Out for Quality

One of the most important things to remember to look for is quality. It’s impressive how some of these pieces of furniture have survived the test of time and still after so long appear to be in good condition. When shopping secondhand, it’s important that you seek good craftsmanship and durable materials. Sometimes these pieces may not be the most pretty looking ones, however with a bit of cleaning and maintenance, you could transform them into ones that you love. It’s essential for you to sit on every chair, and fully inspect anything you wish to purchase so that you can make sure they are durable and will be able to serve you for many more years with a little caring in exchange. 

Choose a Style

As fun and exciting as it may be to shop for secondhand furniture, it surely can be rather time-consuming. The constant and pointless scrolling through pages of photos and wandering around shops will cost you a lot of your time, which is why one of the most vital steps in decorating with secondhand furniture is to set your mind on a specific style. Being specific about what you are looking for will save you loads of time and make the shopping much easier for you. Once you are set on a style, you can also determine the size and function of the pieces you will need. 

Always Check for Damage

Damage is expected when shopping secondhand since these pieces are being given a new life. It’s not unusual to find some broken or wobbly parts as well as scratched surfaces but it’s essential that you are aware of these things before you purchase anything. Determining whether something can be saved and if you have the right tools and skills to fix it is a big part of shopping secondhand. Make sure you check for irreparable damage such as rotting wood, burnt marks or any other structural ones since these will be the hardest to fix and, in most cases, they may not even be worth your time and resources. 

Staying open-minded to small imperfections during secondhand shopping is also key because with some effort you can salvage almost anything. Whether it’s chipped paint, scratch marks or wood blemishes, be certain that these can be easily fixed but it’s beneficial for you to know what the damage is so that you are prepared for what you need to do next. 

Ask for Discounts

When you are shopping secondhand, it’s worth remembering that the price is always negotiable. Sometimes it comes down to the timing rather than the price because people may want to get rid of an item more quickly. That is why asking for a discount and negotiating the price is always worth giving it a try. Especially if there is some damage to the piece you wish to purchase, considering the costs it will take you to fully fix it, the seller may be open to lowering the original asking price. 

Be Creative

Once you’ve secured your pieces, it’s time to get creative. Using your imagination as you shop is also very useful as you can envision where a certain piece of furniture may fit in your house even if it will serve a different purpose than what it has originally been planned for. 

Several things which you can consider doing with your newly bought items include painting them in a different colour, changing the upholstery, cleaning them thoroughly and personalizing with anything you wish. 

Don’t be afraid to get into the world of secondhand goods and supporting a more sustainable way of living. Recycling and upcycling shouldn’t only be for your everyday life, but the way you decorate your home can also be done while being conscious of the environment. 

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