Most people know that there is a lead producer behind each movie that has been made. What people may not understand though, is what that person does. Producing a film encompasses several different tasks that range from simple to detailed assignments. Here are some of the many jobs movie producers must complete.



If the movie being made is based on a true story or a book, the producer is the one who must legally obtain the rights to the story. This means contacting the original author and asking for permission to use the information they have shared. Once the story is confirmed, someone will need to properly write the dialogue for the characters. It is up to the producer to choose who the screenwriter will be.


Movies take multiple teams to create the on-screen magic seen by viewers. Producers are in charge of hiring the creative team who will then go out and build a crew. Among those in this team is the film’s director who will be able to relieve some of the producer’s work burdens.  


It is in the hands of the producer to raise enough funds for the making of a movie. Heather Parry had to persuade buyers that the plot of her movie would be a hit in order to receive a sufficient amount of funding. Once the producer has the money, he or she must see to it that everything is kept on budget; and after the film is out, he must manage circulation and sales.


One of the most important parts of the producer’s job is making sure production goes smoothly. On-set he is keeping an eye on things and making sure each day goes according to schedule. After the taping has been done, he will be there in the editing stages to see that the film is put together exactly how it was planned.

Producing a movie can be a very rewarding job because of all that will be accomplished during the process. Just be aware that producers will be busy doing many different kinds of things in order to produce one project.