How the YMCA of the North Is Keeping Seniors Safe and Engaged

Social isolation has taken its toll on lots of more mature adults as the pandemic rages on. Seniors are more susceptible to COVID-19, and face added difficulties in retaining themselves safe in isolation though fulfilling the want to socialize. One particular organization that has worked to cure this is the YMCA of the North by means of their ForeverWell plan, specialised for the senior populace. 

ForeverWell has modified their offerings in get to superior accommodate the requirements of their senior customers through the pandemic. Director of Community Wellness Robin Hedrick says that lots of groups and courses have been moved to a virtual environment and monthly wellness check phone calls have come to be a way to make certain that members’ requirements are met holistically. 

On the significance of continuing the plan through the pandemic Hedrick says, “Our mission assertion of the YMCA is to deliver courses and services that

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