July 5, 2022


Shopping Works Wonders

Bridal Wear Tips and Tricks

Building your wedding wardrobe

All things said and done, if you are the bride then you are the focus of attention in your wedding celebrations, no matter which wedding invitation card has been designed, what the venue is or its décor or the catering or any other arrangement which may have been done. Choosing your bridal outfit is stressful but building your wardrobe for all other functions can be equally taxing.

Plan your budget

Not planning your budget will make you go all over the place and besides confusing you it will become very hectic. Like any other item, bridal wear can start from a few thousand and go into lacs depending on the designer, the store, the style and how elaborate you may want it to be. Maybe you have a flexible budget, but still try to cap it as early as possible. It will help you know what and where you should be looking for otherwise there is no end to your search. Then there are embellishments and accessories which you may need, or want, all of which will creep into your purchases before you even realise it. So, try to start inexpensively and see if you can find something, to begin with so that you are always in your comfort zone to upgrade if and when needed.

Things take time, lots of time

Start early. It takes time even if you are handed everything on a platter. Deciding what you want is as difficult as finding a suitable designer or a store even if you have enough recommendations to guide you. Off the shelf or made to order is a big game changer. Off the shelf needs minor alteration and so is faster. Custom design takes time, lots of time, so be more than prepared for delays.

Decide what you want

Lehenga, saree or a gown or blended. It should match your personality, style, and the occasion. Since you are carrying it, fit, comfort, and wearability should be your important criteria. Lehengas are easy to wear and so they find preference amongst all styles. Saree is the classic Indian dress and you will notice that it is coming back into fashion. Blending the saree with a sheer embroidered veil or a chunni creates a beautiful and a delicate combination. Gowns work well for cocktails and other contemporary celebrations. The gowns can be embroidered if you are looking at ethnicity and sequined if you are wanting something contemporary.

Different functions, different themes

Mehendi, Sangeet, Cocktails, Wedding, Reception and any other function will need a suitable wardrobe depending on the weather, location and the time of the day. Usually the Wedding dress is a classic so it may be a classic lehenga or a traditional saree.. The Mehendi dress is ethnic and comfortable so a lehenga is often preferred. The Sangeet, Cocktails or the Reception are comparatively contemporary so either a gown or a delicate saree like lace is equally graceful. Jewellery is an important accessory so keep in mind whatever you intend wearing and try to coordinate your dresses with it. Matches may be made in heaven for brides and grooms, but for your wardrobe you will have to play God.

Shop intelligently

Carry some pictures of the wedding wear which you like and of any jewellery you plan on wearing. Also carry pictures of the venue décor and the backdrops with you. Even if you haven’t locked onto something, carry similar looking pictures for reference. This will help you in narrowing choices. It’s always a good idea to carry the heels which you may like to wear. This is very helpful while trying out the dresses. Look at the dresses in all types of lights, if possible. Colours look different depending on the lighting. The function may be in natural sunlight, summer or winter, it may be indoors with bright or soft lighting. Try to maintain colour choices which look best in your planned settings.

Use what you may have

Often there are hidden treasures at home. It could be your mothers wedding lehenga or saree which you may like or a beautiful chunni or a dupatta or some other unique item of dress which you can coordinate with something which will complement it. Sometimes there are unique pieces of jewellery which can be coordinated very tastefully with your dresses.

Just don’t be expensively boring

Why be insecure and anxious? Why get taken in by those photoshopped images of celebrity brides? Almost all brides overinvest their time and money while building their wedding wardrobe. Their creativity begins with trying to be different and ends at spending more than they planned for. Trust yourself to be yourself.

Within your budget just try to buy what looks nice to you, on you and feels like you. I find it very hard to believe that the only way to dress well is by spending more money. It’s never a bad idea to take advice from your parents and your siblings because in this regard they will be more helpful than anyone else. You have been confidently buying clothes for various occasions all your life. Why feel different now?

Get a caricature made of you in a bridal dress and place it in your wedding invitation

Hire an artist and get a caricature made and have it placed on your wedding invitation. Along with the Wedding card you can send a Wedding Invitation Video. This will create the perfect first impression for your guests and they’ll remember it for a long time. You can even have it framed afterwards and place it in your home for memories sake!