Spinaleze Pillow review: Is it worth the $219 price tag?

Spinaleze pillows are developed to assist your backbone. They have a patented structure to be a finish neck and spinal assist method. Moreover, the products are anti-microbial and also anti-dust mites, which is a big tick.

These pillows also received the most effective pillow award in the 2020 productreview.com awards.

However, the $219 price tag indicates this pillow is a hearty investment for buyers. So I slept on the Spinaleze pillow for a thirty day period and can 100% say I do not think I will at any time be capable to go back to regular pillows all over again.


  • 3 concentrations of thickness for distinctive sleepers
  • Antimicrobial and Anti-dust mite
  • A lightweight visco-elastic deluxe content
  • Curved edge and jagged top rated to guideline the established-up
  • Suits a regular size pillowcase


  • Pillow moulds to your condition to guarantee your backbone is held straight while sleeping
  • Enhances slumber quality immediately
  • Can detect an improvement in neck and back pain immediately after a thirty day period
Spinaleze pillow


  • Enhances neck/back pain
  • Good slumber, but at a substantial cost
  • Has a good array for distinctive sleepers
  • Inclusive for these with allergic reactions
spinaleze pillow

Must you obtain it?

Verdict textual content below

This item is unquestionably expensive but in my viewpoint well worth it. The good point is, you get instant fork out off as I observed a difference in my slumber quality immediately immediately after employing it for one evening.

They accommodate a array of sleepers with the a few heights and are also inclusive with a size for children aged five-fifteen.

I also put up with from allergic reactions and felt like this pillow was great for me. You also do not require to exchange this pillow as substantially as you would a regular pillow. According to the models site, some buyers who have had their pillows for up to four many years.

The only other challenge is that you’ll never be capable to go back to a regular pillow all over again. Get all set to deliver this to each sleepover or holiday.

Pricing and availability

Technical specs

Very low height profile pillow: 55cm x 36cm x height 10cm (front) – 11.5cm (rear).

Medium height profile pillow: 55 x 36cm Height twelve.5cm (front) 14cm (rear).

Substantial height profile pillow: 55 x 36cm Height 15cm (front) 16.5cm (rear).

Children’s height profile pillow: 55cm x 36cm x height 10cm (front) – 11.5cm (rear).