Celebrities show off the latest in covid fashion: sloppy clothes

For most of our modern-day heritage, we’ve abided by the social agreement that men and women do not dress in pajamas or home clothing outdoors of the home. That altered as we embraced a far more relaxed bent toward dressing — and shame. By the mid-to-late aughts, slobs in pajama trousers and shower sneakers begun appearing in airports and proliferating throughout the Men and women of Walmart Tumblr. And we all agreed that the only deserving accessory to pair with this seem would be a black bar throughout your confront.

But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, carrying sloppy duds loudly and proudly has been rebranded as très stylish. Get in touch with it COVIDcore. Celebrities and when-attractive New Yorkers have emerged from quarantine dressed as if they’d been lying in bed for 5 months like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s” Grandpa Joe.

Cara Delevingne, one of the most in-demand

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