‘Craft sector has been part of spiral economy’

Pic: India Craft 7 days

The craft sector has been element of ‘spiral economy’ for a extended time, provided its character from currently being decorative items to a strategic position that is necessary not just for business achievement in the worldwide marketplace but also for the improvement of glocal communities, in accordance to Iti Tyagi, founder of India-based Craft Village.

It is intrinsic to the ‘circular/spiral’ technique that the additional intently a solution connects with a purchaser, the significantly less squander it generates. A simplistic context: “present wardrobes are perfect illustrations of ‘shopping coma’ where by a particular person hardly employs 15–20 for every cent of what is been acquired, resulting in a solution lifestyle that is as extended as his/her memory. If in his/her memory a solution exists, it has a lifecycle. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of intellect as well, making 80 for every cent of

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