Where Do Fashion Icons Get Their Ideas?


It’s almost 2020 and everything happens online. It seems like real life is only the place where people do things so they can take a photo and upload it online. Paying bills, buying home appliances, and even shopping for groceries happens online.

The world of culture and art is among the first things that moved on the internet. Art lovers are progressive and open to new ideas. When the internet showed that the possibilities for everyone are endless, people that are obsessed with creativity and new ways of living accepted this without a doubt.

Before the internet revolution, fashion was happening in the theatres, galleries, and shows in the open. People involved in the fashion used to meet and talk about their ideas in cafe bars, restaurants, and hotels. Magazines had the primary word and led the way. They were setting examples and were choosing what will be in next season. See an interesting article on the subject here: http://swaay.com/age-influence-fashion-magazines-relevant/

Today, these ways are not gone but are quite marginalized. Now everything happens way faster because people basically live on the internet. New stars are born every day and the fame of others go away in a matter of hours. The internet offers a door wide open for everyone that has ideas, creativity, and style that speaks something else. Everyone can be an icon if they work hard.

Even the greatest artists of all times were borrowing other artists’ ideas – then they reworked them a little and created a piece of their own. The great Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”. It’s not a crime checking out the competition and some of the best influencers in the world of fashion today. In fact, this is a must for everyone trying to stay on top.

Living in your own world of fantasy will just leave you disconnected from the happenings. In the end, you’ll be without fans and without any chance to be a part of the fashion world. If you’re afraid that this might happen to you, then it’s time to look up some of the best fashion icons on the internet. The youngsters are leading the pack now. They are the true fashionistas.


The most important fashion social network is Instagram. Of course, Instagram wasn’t made exclusively for fashion, but in time the photo-sharing app became so popular among these people that every influencer in the world of fashion has their own IG profile. See here the list of the 10 most influential fashion profiles on Instagram.

We’re talking big leagues here. For example, Bella Hadid has almost 19 million followers. Emily Ratajkowski has 18.2 million. The Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi has 11.5 million followers and despite the money he owns, he still doesn’t miss the chance to earn thousands of dollars for a sponsored post.

If you want to be successful and follow their steps, feel free to see what they do and learn from them. Steal some of their ideas, make them better, and present them as your own. If you’re good at this, you actually might earn a lot of money.



Pinterest is the second most important social network in the world of fashion. Around 250 million people use this network. The difference between Instagram and Pinterest is the number of users are mostly coming from the US. Only 10% of the Instagram users come from the USA, while Pinterest is consisted of around 50% of US citizens.

As we all know, The States are much better financially situated than most of the world and this is very important. Influencers and clothing stores are aware of this fact. That’s why they all have profiles here.

Other than Instagram, Pinterest is also a great source of OOTD inspirations. One of the well-built accounts people look into are the fashion stores like Om and Ah store. With more than 383 thousand monthly viewers, this account offers a wide variety of fashion inspo to choose from.

Besides fashion, Pinterest is a place for my art-loving friends. We all know that art has no boundaries and limits, and people from different fields love to communicate and share ideas. Art is art. No one can know where the next idea will hit you nor what profile can inspire you to do something great. Pinterest allows you to express your passion though their boards.