May 19, 2022


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6 Must-know facts to sue your negligent Insurance agent in Oregon

How to Sue an Insurance Company for Negligence | Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

What is an Insurance Policy? An Insurance Policy is a document that carries terms and conditions under which the Insurance company reimburses the person or entity facing losses.

There are different kinds of Insurance policies. But if you are finding it hard to claim your insurance policy for a personal injury due to a truck accident, look no further than an Oregon truck accident lawyer

Who is an Insurance agent, and why do we need them?

Insurance is bought to safeguard the family from any financial losses.

We buy insurance policies as per our needs, and generally, a layperson cannot understand the nitty grittiest of the policy unless you are a person with legal knowledge. Hence we rely on an insurance agent or broker to guide us through the policy. 

An insurance agent should be certified by the legal entity that verifies the agents. It is important that the agent understands our needs and accordingly help us buy the right Insurance policy.

What are the responsibilities of an insurance broker?

An Insurance agent should be knowledgeable in all aspects of the policy and should not misguide you in any way for the sake of enrolment. The agent should confirm the following things:

– He should be a certified practitioner in Insurance Policies.

– Agent should thoroughly understand and examine the terms and conditions of any proposed Insurance policy

– Should not hide anything from the client and should be transparent in all the aspects

What are the conditions failing which you can sue the Insurance broker?

1) Cross-check with the Insurance company anything that is not clear to him rather than falsely committing anything.

2) Completely fill out the application form without any mistake, which sometimes leads to denial of the claim. 

3) Should be aware of the Policy termination norms from the Insurance company

4) Should be aware of and monitor the important dates like policy expiration, inactive, invalid, etc.

5) Should be aware of and manage the allotted claim period alert to the insurance company.

6) Changes in the policy terms because of any financial issues with the Insurance company which directly affect your policy claims.


If the Insurance agent fails to abide by the conditions mentioned above or is negligent, do not hesitate to take help from a lawyer who specializes in this. Intending to secure families’ future, this is the last thing we want to happen. So do thorough research before handling your future in the hands of an Insurance agent.