Ok, ladies. It is no surprise that jewelry enhances our beauty, gives a unique spark to the simplest of outfits, and is fun to wear. But did you realize that jewelry can actually increase your natural sex appeal and spark the attention of the man you would love to meet, or the man you are already with? Read on for Harmony’s top 7 sexy jewelry styles. Enjoy!

1. Compliment your eye color! This is the oldest trick in the book for good reason, it absolutely works. Many women are surprised to find how the right earrings or necklace in a flattering shade makes the color of their eyes far more intense and captivating, no mascara required. Brown, hazel, blue or green, you can enhance your glance by choosing a gemstone that matches or is close to your natural eye-color, plus the sparkle will match the gleam in your eyes and really makes them stand out! Try it.

2. The Lariat Necklace. Ladies who want to accentuate their “assets” are encouraged to consider the ever-sexy “lariat” style necklace. My boyfriend calls the lariat the “cleavage enhancer” and indeed it is. Basically a long, slender necklace with no clasp (or a very small one), it simply “ties” around the neck and is usually rather long for maximum versatility, movement, and allure. Tie it short, wear it long, or double it up…there is a casual elegance to a necklace that is simply knotted and tied. Easy-on, easy-off as they say! Perhaps some may notice the certain, classy yet naughty leash effect, hmmm? The lariat style is best shown with a simple “v” neckline – and is sometimes worn inside your clothing where it “disappears” between the curves of your breasts, or down the small of your back- so daring and sexy! A lariat looks good paired with a bold cuff bracelet and simple earrings. Keep the rest of the jewelry understated and complimentary to avoid the “too much” effect. The neck, collarbones, and d├ęcolletage is one of the most attractive areas on a woman of any age or size. With a long sexy drape of glittering chain, sparkling gems, and lustrous pearls what person can resist an admiring glance? Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

3. Long, Dangly Earrings. Beautiful, attractive earrings are the most effective accessory out there, no contest. Earrings are the “fishing lures” of the jewelry world- except you are the catch! The right pair (of at least 1.5″ or longer) will not only frame your face with sparkle, color and movement, but can draw and captivate admiring eyes. Sinuous silver or gold chains with glittering gems and lustrous pearls will move as you do, and bring the focus to your eyes and face. Dangly earrings look equally good with long or short hairstyles. I also adore swingy styles on all ages- from young teens to grandmothers. Many women say ” I can’t wear long earrings because___” fill in the excuse or personal put-down here; in my stores I have heard them all! Why limit yourself if it looks great? It is simply proven fact that longer earrings can slim a round face, elongate a short neck, make one’s style more youthful, fun and feminine, all while creating a finishing touch to even the most basic outfit. Be daring and try a pair longer than you normally would- just make sure they are light weight enough for a comfortable, flattering look.

4. Got good stems? Wear an ankle bracelet! When a woman comes into my store looking for an anklet- there is an excellent chance she is being accompanied by her boyfriend or husband, or at least he encouraged the idea from home. I can only gather from my very non-scientific observations that many men find the anklet quite captivating on the right girl. Perhaps a woman who wears an anklet communicates her sensuality and appreciation of her whole body? Hmmm… I find anklets most comfortable if they are not too tight, and drape below the ankle bone, but try one on to see what you prefer. If you have good legs and cute ankles this fun accessory may be for you! Subtle yet sexy, it accentuates and draws attention to great gams while being the perfect compliment to summer sandals and leg-baring styles.

5. Toe Rings – I know, I know. A toe ring? I grew up in Hawaii and there you will find many toe rings adorning everyone from surfer-babe teenagers to my very own goddess-like mother, I am not kidding. Why? Because this is a sensuous accent that communicates attention to an important part of our body, and people do notice. To truly appreciate this fun look, one must like their feet. For best effect, it doesn’t hurt to keep the pedicure looking good. If your man thinks you have sexy feet, try a toe ring and see if it gets a spark! Simple, slim bands are the most comfortable, especially in anything but flip-flops. All of them come with a split opening under the toe for fit and adjustment. Just make sure it doesn’t pinch! A gleaming toe ring will highlight a sexy arch and cute toes, and is a compelling invitation for your man to give you a foot rub with scented oil. Just an idea…

6. Navel piercing, with accessories of course! Ok, I admit…this is one look I simply haven’t committed to myself. Not that it isn’t super sexy on certain females with appropriately taut, tanned and terrific midsections, or that men don’t find a sparkly navel wildly beguiling. I simply don’t want a permanent hole, decorated or otherwise, on that part of my body. It’s just personal. Regardless, most of my hot friends have one, and they seem to like it just fine. I don’t hear their boyfriends and husbands complaining, either. A womanly, sexy belly is wonderfully enhanced by navel jewelry, and it can be very fun to decorate in a variety of imaginative ways. Gemstones, chains, rhinestones are all good on the right girl. You know who you are!

7. Belly Chain. Ok, so you are one of those women who like their abs and waistline. We are very happy for you, seriously. Or you have liberated your inner belly dancer- we salute embracing your feminine charms! And to be completely honest, it does look super sexy when a curvy, fit woman slings a dainty, sparkly chain around her hips…especially at the beach and all destinations tropical and warm where midriff-baring attire looks its best. If you do try this sex-goddess look, make sure it isn’t too tight…belly chains shouldn’t create a “muffin top”- look for one with an adjustable dangle at the end to achieve a good fit. Sometimes a “lariat” style necklace (especially if it has a small clasp) can work as a belly chain and do double-duty. Those who work this look report feeling pleasantly “aroused” by the constant whisper of chain around their waist. Did we mention that men find belly chains extremely hot?

How to keep your jewelry sexy and alluring and not trashy? Try wearing only one fabulous adornment at a time, and keep the rest of your jewelry and accessories minimal. Keep the items you wear as more of an accent to the main event. A look that is overly busy and piled on will say “trying too hard” and will overshadow you and be distracting. A tried-and-true method is to stand in front of the mirror and take off one or two accessories before you go out. Remove the belt, bracelet, or scarf, or downsize a jewelry item to a simpler version. A woman is most sexy when she holds herself with confidence and moves with ease. If you feel comfortable (as in able to sit and move and do the activities of the day/night) than chances are you will look good too. If you are unsure, ask a friend whose style and positive opinion you trust- but don’t ask anyone with serious negative body issues, they will just rain on your parade.

Do keep in mind that to really express your sexy, sensual self it is sometimes necessary to push the envelope of what you think is possible and acceptable for your own style. Learn to break free of what you think “looks good” on you, which usually is code for what is “safe and boring.” Honestly, I see more women err on the side of being too conservative and limited in style than too showy and over-adorned. If you hear yourself start any sentence with ” I can’t wear X because I’m too Y…” or “I’m too (old, young, tall, short, fat, skinny, etc.) to wear this…” you are probably dealing with an unnecessary (and completely false) limitation you alone are creating. What if you tried something different, just once? Be adventurous and stretch your comfort zone. A woman who is open to new ideas also exudes confidence and THAT is sexy. Trying a fresh, attractive style is sexy! Wearing something beautiful that pleases you is sexy! Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to tickle your pleasure, it just needs to enhance and accentuate what you already have going for you (beautiful eyes, a lovely decolletage, curvy waistline, supple legs), and bring a little sparkle and joy into your life. What are you waiting for?

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