May 16, 2022


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7 Wonderful Benefits of a Destination Wedding

To get the ball rolling, we thought of just seven, but let’s be sure that there are always many more.

What makes any wedding a Destination Wedding?

 Any wedding planned at a venue away from either side’s hometown can be called a destination wedding. Usually, all the guests from both sides stay together in one place and all the functions are held at the venue itself. Initially, the destination weddings were more about making a social statement, usually by hosting a wedding at a glamorous destination whether in India or overseas. More couples today choose beach or garden wedding so if you are living in Australia, You can check Airlie Beach in the heart of the Whitsundays is Villa Botanica. With private beach, lush tropical gardens and exotic architecture, this is the ultimate location for your dream wedding destination. But over time the glamor has given way to its convenience and its practical benefits.

1. Ease of organising

Almost all destination wedding venues are equipped to manage and organize your wedding. They have the ecosystem of all the services and vendors you may need. Everything is under one roof and everyone is accessible to you, all the time. As a host you don’t have to waste time commuting between venues to see that everything is happening the way you wanted it. This is the built in advantage, that unlike city hotels, destination venues are used to weddings in every sense. However, it is always better to go by word of mouth while shortlisting the destinations and the venues.

2. Quality Time with your Guests

A wedding is an opportunity to catch up with your guests who are your friends and family to catch up with each other. As a host too, you get enough time during your stay to spend quality time with your nears and dears. Otherwise in a normal locally organized event people just come and go without really spending much time with the hosts. Try to recall the weddings you have attended and you will understand. Wouldn’t you like to own a mansion with enough rooms to host your guests with ballrooms to have the parties and a bevy of servants to take care of everything, all while you chill and mingle with everyone you have invited for the big day. That’s what a destination wedding actually gets you.

3. Getting know your in laws and their family 

In the usual local weddings the meetings between families and friends are brief and formal. Staying together for those couple of days allows the boys side and the girls side to engage with each other informally and know each other better.  At all the events there is common participation by both sides and this helps break ice better than anything else. This interaction does both the families  and the couple a lot of good in the long run.

4. No organising transport for your outstation guests

With every staying all over, there is a fair chance that you will have outstation guests who need to be put up in a hotel and organizing logistics for them is an additional responsibility. Booking hotels, making travel arrangements to and from the venue, ensuring everyone is comfortable is quite a task especially when the hosts are struggling with bigger problems. But worry not, there is an option of a destination wedding for you.

5. No Commuting between events

A local wedding is all about distances, distances and distances. If you must attend any wedding within your city, the charm of attending the events at beautiful venues gets taken away by the long commutes in your wedding finery. But in a destination wedding, everyone who is attending, stays at the venue. It’s literally a walk to the events. The entire experience becomes convenient and relaxed as the guests are not rushed for time and look as fresh when they arrive as when they leave their rooms.

6. Shared responsibility

A big problem in the usual local weddings is that one side is the host and the other side are guests. The entire responsibility to organize can fall on one family and that is an additional task. Things can go wrong and even if they don’t, there is always a lot of unnecessary anxiety. In a destination wedding, no one can complain because both the families would have participated in choosing the venue and planning the celebrations. If everything goes well then everyone is happy but if there is any shortcoming then no side can be blamed because the venue is common and its management is responsible.

7. Usually more affordable

Unless you really want to go overboard, destination weddings are usually and comparatively cheaper than what you may think. Most wedding venues have in house planners who are usually included in the cost. The concierge services are in any case a part of the venue’s hospitality. Local transportation is not needed. The catering menus are optimized for weddings, so the standard menu choices usually do the trick. Being large clients, the venues get better pricing from the decorators and the entertainers, if at all you need something special. And to top it all, the venues are located away from the main cities and so even the room rents should be lower than comparable properties.

Think out of the boxThere are a lot of places which are on the wedding map. Of course, any one will be tempted by dream destinations but then they can cost a bomb and may discourage you. They are the ones which have been marketed well but that doesn’t mean that there are none other. There will be a lot of unique and eclectic destinations which haven’t yet caught the people’s fancy. Maybe they are yet to become popular. Maybe they are more reasonable. Maybe they are more convenient. There are a lot of factors which one should consider for making a magical wedding happen right from finalizing a destination wedding venue, the right wedding cards – Whether you want to have an Indian wedding card in floral, festive, royal or traditional type and also if you want an Indian e wedding card to go along with it.